National Docketing Association Webinar

IP administrators need simpler, more powerful tools to operate more like 21st century knowledge workers than 20th century office workers. The most progressive administrators today keep their primary focus on how actions and collaborative workflows are queued up for streamlined execution, not on the work itself. The webinar will feature solutions to key automation and collaboration challenges specifically requested by NDA's membership. The demo highlights the latest innovations in the Anaqua Essential platform for law firms, which just received top billing in Hyperion's MarketView ™ Report, including:

  • Workflows and workspaces for basic Docketing, IDS management, and Office Action response that set users up for success by keeping their focus on the task at hand
  • Managing by exception and using automation to efficiently process large volumes of incoming correspondence and documents
  • Collaboration inside the firm, and between clients and firms, that keeps everyone's attention on the most substantive, billable aspects of the matter
  • Visualizing and managing internal IP operations using the same analytics-based KPIs that clients use to benchmark their law firms