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Maintaining current and accurate data is one of the most important responsibilities of any IP practice or department. Data discrepancies can lead to costly errors, some of which can threaten the enforceability of your IP rights.

However, data validation is a time-consuming and painstaking process. This is particularly true during times of change--such as a portfolio acquisition or conversion to a new software platform--as the potential for error is greatly amplified.

Regardless of your situation, we will identify and resolve any of your data integrity issues. Highly trained and familiar with ANAQUA best practices, our team provides efficient and reliable data validation services, helping you save time and reduce risk.


Docketing is a vital role within any IP practice or department. Having insufficient docketing resources puts you at risk of missing critical deadlines.

Whether you are experiencing a strain on internal resources or are looking to take on more work, our docketing services can be scaled to meet your needs. Highly trained and familiar with ANAQUA best practices, our docketing team will update, record, and maintain your IP records.

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ANAQUA Services Data Sheet
Anaqua offers a variety of services to enhance your Unified Intellectual Property Management (IPM) experience and drive more value from your software investment.


Some form of error can be found in an overwhelming majority of patents. In some cases, these errors can even jeopardize your right to enforce and monetize your patent.

Unfortunately, patent proofreading is tedious and time-consuming. We alleviate the strain this puts on internal resources by providing precise, cost-effective proofreading services. Our patent proofreading services help you avoid risk, while saving you time that can be directed toward higher level work.


Highly trained and familiar with ANAQUA best practices, our paralegal team provides a full-range of services. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, we will provide the support you need.