Patent Search




Adopting a first-to-file system adds pressure to quickly file patent applications. Our patentability searches provide you with a manageable list of references to help you quickly file the highest quality patent applications. Our Features Matrix helps you assess our findings at a glance, giving you key insight into the likelihood of getting a patent granted. Our Collaborative Patent Search has an average 18% knock-out rate, saving you time and money on patent applications that will eventually be rejected.

Given the costs of patent prosecution, making well-informed filing decisions is critical. Our comprehensive patentability searches save you time and money by identifying any patents, publications, or other documents that may challenge the novelty of an invention. Our patent searchers exceeded the quality achieved through traditional patent searches, in 30% of the time.

INVALIDITY PATENT SEARCH (Licensing & Litigation)

Conducting a thorough invalidity patent search enables you to assess the strength of a patent, which can protect you against infringement lawsuits or help you identify potential licensing opportunities. Up to 87% of the invalidity searches performed by ANAQUA Services have been successful in invalidating prior art.

Our invalidity searches provide timely, actionable results. We will uncover any patent or non-patent literature that may impact the claims of a specific patent. Our search report includes a claim chart that allows the pertinent details of the prior art to be mapped against the claims of the subject patent. Additionally, a Features Matrix helps you evaluate our findings at a glance.

Licensing Support

We evaluate patents to highlight and identify licensing potentials, purchasing opportunities and selling strategies. Our team provides a customized strategy aligned not only with your organization's needs but also with market demands.

Litigation Support

Anaqua provides patent litigators with evidence of infringement to protect patent assets. Our research reveals infringers, while saving time, saving money and finding new channels for revenue.

Data Sheet
ANAQUA Services Data Sheet
Collaborative Patent Search consistently provides researchers with the highest quality results from experienced search engineers and scientists

FREEDOM TO OPERATE (Infringement Analysis)

Launching a product or service into the marketplace without checking for relevant patents can expose you to devastating infringement lawsuits; an average of $2.5-2.8 million in legal costs, plus a median of $4.3 million in damages awarded (for any patent infringement lawsuit). An FTO search helps to minimize these possible infringement costs. Our freedom-to-operate searches provide you with everything you need to know before bringing a product or service to the market.

We will identify any patents or applications that may relate to a proposed product or process. These searches are exceptionally sophisticated, involving thorough analysis of the claims and legal status of the intellectual property that exists within the specified jurisdictions. We provide a timely search report, which includes an intuitive spreadsheet that allows you to sort, annotate, and prioritize references.

We give you the information you need at the tips of your fingers...

  • Reliable claims analysis
  • Accurate Legal Status information
  • A comprehensive and precise understanding of your product.


IP is invaluable in its ability to lead business decisions. Our team will help you navigate R&D decisions with thorough research and results that speak both IP and business. Patent landscaping allows you to analyze key trends within a particular area of technology, which can ultimately help you assess the viability of entering that space.

We will collate and analyze an immense amount of data and distill it down into strategic IP and business insights. Visual representations — such as charts and graphs — ensure that our findings are clear and actionable.