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Unified Platform: Everyone in the Loop


With our previously docketing system it was kind of a one off thing. It did its docketing. We used various other tools for agreements. We used them for the disclosure, input, and review process, and we used tools for trademarks. We used tools for all sorts of things and now with Anaqua these are all in one place. For example, you have an agreement and you want to know which cases were involved in that agreement. You can go the agreements record, there’s usually a related link to what’s called an IP review which lists cases. From there you can go to directly to the various cases. From there you can go to the invention records and from there you could go and see what the committee said about those cases when we we reviewed them awhile back and just being able to navigate from one thing to the next to the next is really important.

The paralegal’s are very task driven so the tasking system in Anaqua is very useful. I never have to worry about dropping the ball on something. It seems like there are tasks for everything.

We also have some outside of law, people using them. They are going into the portal view and they’re using that one and they’re putting their invention submissions in. We have marketing let’s say and sales going in, members from there because they’re part of the committee review where they review these inventions. We have our internal partners in there too as well. Our legal obviously, R&D from the invention side, I would say finance because finance actually uses it a lot now, and also I would say marketing and business development. They’re in and they’re just basically using it, maybe in a limited way but they’re there and they see what’s happening and so there is a collaboration that’s going on.

You’re getting decisions made with everyone in the loop. We have patents, we have trademarks, we have third parties, and we have licensing agreements going on and they’re all integrated. They’re all linked so we can see what’s happening with them. Maybe we have a patent in-house that’s ours and it’s linked to a license agreement so we’re licensing it out. We have to make sure that we manage that and we stay abreast of that particular case. The same with maybe we go into the agreements module and we see what’s licensed in and that’s linked to our third party module. There’s that connection that again, gives us that insight to our whole portfolio.