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Leading Corporate IP Relies on Outside Counsel Who Rely on Anaqua


May name is Jennifer Brumbaugh. I work for GKN North America Services and I am the group intellectual property attorney for the America’s Region. Our company is a very large historic engineering company. We’re 256 years old so we have a drive line automotive division. We have an aerospace division. Land systems is large industrial agricultural equipment and a powdered metallurgy division that often supplies a lot of components to the automotive industry. Our portfolio that we keep in Anaqua is all patents and it’s definitely over 5,000 patents between the four divisions. In working with our outside counsel Anaqua in certain divisions we actually have the outside counsel entering docketing data directly into the Anaqua environment.

It’s improved communication across the ocean quite honestly. It’s one of our US counsels that is entering data directly into a portfolio that’s managed from the UK and they also use Anaqua. They’re familiar with it because they’re entering it for multiple clients and that was actually one of the decision makers in selecting that firm, was that they already were familiar with Anaqua and had experience in entering the basic data and communicating in that environment that actually lead to their selection as out outside counsel. As we were looking for new outside counsel their willingness to work in the Anaqua environment is one of the keys to being on our short list. If they already had experience in working in Anaqua then they definitely would rise to the top of our list.