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Instant Reports Brought to you by the FIND Feature


Mostly patent managers ask for patent statistics. For example, how many cases were issued or how many cases were allowed while patent attorneys mostly would like to see a review of their portfolio divided by business or by statutes. If we get requests for a simple report, we usually just run a query using the find feature in Anaqua which is very easy to use.

We get very few requests for reporting because when we upgraded to the version of the system that included the enhanced find feature, the users were elated. They no longer have to wait for system admin to help them or to come up with a report on our own, use report builder, they can do it themselves. That was one of the key training sessions for our power users which are internal paralegals are our power users, both on the patents and the trademark team. We sat them down and walked through those find features in all the modules. They were so excited. They would much prefer to run their own reports than to wait for us to do it for them.

I always go to the find. I always find what I need actually by using the find feature. There’s a lot of different fields and filters that you can use so I don’t even go to standard reports. We really just go right to find. In fact recently we created I would say about twenty different quality reports and saved them to under the find feature and I can run these on a regular basis. That took a little time but it was worth doing because I find that very easy to use that find feature. We could really filter it.

Generally I can go to find and I can go, “Here are my parameters, here is all the data, the columns I want,” and I can export it into Excel and make it look pretty, sort it, send it to them. It’s in Excel, now they can do whatever they need to with it. I always add filters. I feel so efficient. When I can pull something together really quickly that, like, “I know this is going to take you a couple of days.” “I got it, no problem.” Then I whip it out in like twenty minutes or whatever but I feel like I really was able to provide a quality product for our client and that our customer service escalated here because they always know that they can get that data from me and from us as a firm, that we are always responsive, we are always right there for them.