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Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences


Explore our calendar of upcoming tradeshows and conferences, where you can meet our global experts.

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ALA IP Conference for Legal Management Professionals

This event offers legal administrators specialized insights, strategies, and networking opportunities, with discussions on emerging trends and practical workshops on IP Management.

Meet the team:

Joseph Dougherty, Director of Sales, Law Firms
Mike Morris, Sales Manager, Law Firms


This event is the leading annual gathering for trademark administrators, paralegals, and attorneys overseeing global trademark portfolios, featuring diverse sessions covering brand-related topics.

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Meet the team:

Joseph Dougherty, Director of Sales, Law Firms
Michael Siraco, Senior Sales Manager

IPO Annual Meeting

This event features educational programs, committee meetings, networking opportunities, and exhibitors, bringing together IP professionals worldwide to discuss strategies, trends, and best practices.

Meet the team:

Nicole Ripatti, Senior Sales Manager
Drew Travis, Sales Manager, Law Firms

MARQUES Annual Conference

Trademark professionals will explore a variety of pressing topics including litigation, understanding local traditions, and online enforcement. Additionally, workshops will include discussions on artificial intelligence, trade secrets, co-branding, etc.

Meet the team:

Steve Bachler, Sales Director
Olivier Huc, Senior Director, Head of European Sales

IPMI IP Law & Management Institute

IP leaders attend for presentations focusing on actionable insights and tools to be successful in today's IP landscape.

Meet the team:

Seth Anderson, Business Development Representative
Chad Evans, Senior Sales Director
Shayne Phillips, Director, Analytics Solutions


This event connects delegates from the global life science ecosystem to propel deal-making and innovation. Meet us to advance your company's strategies!

Meet the team:

Ronnie Koss, VP Business Development
Mary Schroeder, Sales Manager

IP Service World

Europe's largest IP convention & trade fair with 700 attendees and 75 exhibitors per year.

Meet the team:

Jan Witt, Sales Director