ANAQUA Services: Recurring Support Services

IP is a cyclical business that requires numerous repetitive activities day-after-day, and year-over-year. Anaqua provides a full complement of services to augment and elevate your internal IP team’s recurrent work.

Annuities & Renewals

Anaqua’s industry leading ISO 9001 certified process delivers consistent quality and dependable services paying your annuities and renewals. We support varied portfolios and deliver integrated payment services and cost savings through our volume of work. Our Annuities and Renewals services:

  • Reduce invoice volume and save time in accounting and finance
  • Make annuity and renewal decisions directly in ANAQUA, Lecorpio, or leverage our Payment Services Portal for non-software clients
  • Analyze payment history and remaining balances for budgeting and forecasting
  • Report on upcoming payments and the impact on payment and pruning decisions
  • Save time and reduce risk through using a single supplier
Annuities & Renewals Services


Anaqua provides docketing and paralegal support to streamline administrative operations, ensure the highest data quality, and elevate your IP team’s work and visibility. Our docketing team works with PTOs around the world to manage the communication between your organization, global PTOs, and outside counsel. Anaqua’s team dockets directly into your ANAQUA or Lecorpio system. Docket support includes data management, document management, timeline tracking, and reminders. It also allows you to:

  • Save time and costs with experienced docketers to ensure accurate and timely updates
  • Flexible engagement structure: part-time support and dedicated teams available
  • Reduce exposure to staff turnover with experienced docketing staff
  • Single point of contact for support for both software and service
Docketing Services

Foreign Filing

Anaqua provides industry-leading, fully integrated translation and filing services designed to reduce costs and administrative burden associated with PCT filings, EP validation, and national phase processes. Our exclusive approach enables corporations to remain competitive in their requisite market and allows law firms to more effectively counsel clients in developing and maintaining a strategy after they understand objectives and resources. With our foreign filing services, you can:

  • Request foreign filing quotes directly from within ANAQUA
  • Operate within a flexible engagement structure to deal with spikes of work, full and part-time support
  • Our partner:
    • Nationalizes more PCT applications than any law firm in the world – more than 1,500 PCTs per year and 7,000 national stage filings
    • Manages over 30,000 validations per year
    • Provides an expansive network of reputable agents in over 130 countries
Foreign Filing

Portfolio Onboarding

Anaqua’s Portfolio Onboarding services provide a strong evaluation and intake experience for new assets. Portfolio Onboarding combines a number of services to provide a robust onboarding experience for your IP team when you want to evaluate and acquire a new portfolio of IP assets. Portfolio Onboarding enables you to:

  • Better communicate the value of the portfolio with people not savvy in IP
  • Analyze acquired patents and map out how they fit into the existing portfolio
  • Assess opportunities to prune patents that are not in line with the defined strategy
  • Benefit from Patent Strength Assessment - our analyst’s approach employs:
    • Patent Ranking Algorithm
    • AcclaimIP Patent Scores
    • Forward Rejection Analysis
    • Validity searches
Porfolio Onboarding