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Who Uses Anaqua?


My name is Jennifer Brumbaugh. I work for GKN North America Services and I am the group intellectual property attorney for the Americas region.

Kathy Miller, Anaqua System Administrator for the Coca-Cola Company.

My name is Kinga Swirad. I’m an associate patent manager at Novo Nordisk.

Gene Potkay, SVP of intellectual property with Nielsen.

Our company’s a very large historic engineering company. We’re 256 years old so we have a drive line automotive division, we have an aerospace division, land systems is large industrial agricultural equipment, and a powder metallurgy division that often supplies a lot of components to the automotive industry.

Our corporate patent department is located in Denmark. We also have patent department in the U.S. as well as units in India and China.

Neilsen’s a market research, market consumer behavior measurement company. It measure what you watch, what you buy, and we have 40,000 to 50,000 employees, and we’re in 110 countries worldwide. Patents, we have 2,250 worldwide.

Our portfolio that we keep in Anaqua is all patents and it’s definitely over 5,000 patents between the four divisions.

Our global patent portfolio consists of 900 active patent families and 5,700 issued patents.

We have over 74,000 trademark worldwide and 15,000 patents and we’re in over 200 countries.