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Can You Easily Generate Reports in Your Business Development Software?

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Are you currently dealing with inflexible, one size fits all reporting options from your business development software? Is it using a 3rd party analytics tools or is business intelligence built in? If you are not getting the on-demand reports that you want and need and don’t have the ability to easily author your own reports, then your software provider is doing you a big disservice.


Flexible Reporting


Some out of the box reports are great but they rarely fit the needs of a complex business. You should be able to create reports, apply filters to hone-in on the data that you want to analyze and then be able to see results in both tabular and graphical format, depending on your preference. After you get the results you need, you should be able to export the results as a table into Excel or other programs or export the graphics to bring into PowerPoint or Word or as a pdf.


Analytics at Your Fingertips


This is built-in capability of any good software system and should not require an additional license to third party analytics tools. All the reports and analytics you need should be in once place. With ideaPoint, we make understanding key performance indicators and simplifying decision-making a top priority.


Click here to see an infographic (no login required) that explains some of the other differences between ideaPoint and what you may be using for Partnering and Opportunity Management software. If you want to hear more about how we handle support, request a meeting at the bottom of the infographic.

Written by: Scott Shaunessy, Founder and CEO of ideaPoint