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Transforming Innovation through ideaPoint

Revolutionizing Innovation through ideaPoint
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For almost two decades, ideaPoint's Innovation Management Software has led the way in bringing revolutionary ideas to market. In a dynamic business landscape, our software consistently empowers the world's most innovative companies by infusing discipline and accountability into their ideation processes. This post explores ideaPoint's ability to adapt to unique innovation processes and seamlessly integrate with various idea origination platforms.

Adaptable Idea Origination

Innovation is diverse, and ideas emerge in various ways. ideaPoint embraces this diversity by integrating with multiple platforms, including but not limited to MS Teams, SharePoint, Email (Outlook Plug-in), Mobile Scout™ (our mobile app for idea capture and scouting), and the Ideation software of your choice through API integration. This adaptability ensures an uninterrupted innovation workflow, regardless of the preferred ideation method, fostering an ecosystem where everyone is considered an inventor.


ideaPoint Mobile Scout phoneStreamlining the Innovation Process

The journey from ideation to market-ready innovation usually involves a structured process, and ideaPoint plays a pivotal role in supporting this journey. Our solution facilitates the transformation of promising ideas into tangible outcomes by:

  • Creating and posting “Innovation Challenges” or “Areas of Need” to boost participation from all employees
  • Enhancing visibility, participation, communication, and collaboration with innovators as an essential part of the process and enabling Innovation teams to work on ideas in parallel using message boards and shared documents and content to foster seamless communication
  • Identifying high-potential ideas through collaborative evaluations by subject matter experts across departments. Including a dedicated decision-making workspace for business leadership
  • Allowing transparency into the innovation pipeline through comprehensive reports and dashboards, providing real-time insights into the status of various ideas for informed decision-making and strategic planning

Custom Workflows for Process Automation

To further streamline your innovation process, ideaPoint offers custom workflows that automate many manual processes, saving time and ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the innovation journey.

Accelerating Innovation and IP Generation

ideaPoint Innovation Management acts as a connective tissue, bringing stakeholders together and accelerating innovation and the generation of new intellectual property (IP). We facilitate the transition of ideas into invention disclosures, broadening the innovation funnel and increasing both the quantity and quality of ideas. Our solution enables strategic decision-making by reducing administrative burdens.

Integration with Anaqua's AQX IP Management Software

Recognizing the importance of seamless collaboration, ideaPoint offers direct linkage to Anaqua's AQX Intellectual Property Management Software, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow from ideation to IP management.


ideaPoint Innovation Management is not just a software solution; it is a catalyst for transformative innovation.

By adapting to processes, providing a comprehensive platform for ideation, evaluation, and IP management, and incorporating features for enhanced collaboration and transparency, ideaPoint empowers your organization to stay at the forefront of industry innovation.


Katelyn Bruster - ideaPoint Innovation Management software

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Written by Scott Shaunessy, Founder and CEO of ideaPoint