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Anaqua Leaders Recognized for Excellence as Top IP Strategists


Erik Reeves, Matt Troyer, and Shayne Phillips acknowledged by IAM Strategy 300 for leadership in developing and advising strategies that maximize the value of IP portfolios


BOSTON, October 27, 2022 - Anaqua, the leading provider of innovation and intellectual property (IP) management technology, today announced three of its industry experts have been recognized in the 2022 edition of IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists, namely Erik Reeves, Chief Technology Officer, Matt Troyer, Senior Director of Product & Innovation, and Shayne Phillips, Director of Analytics Solutions.


Presented by the intellectual property media organization, IAM, this list highlights world-class IP experts whose approach to intellectual property is regarded by peers as truly strategic in nature. Individuals from IP service providers, corporations, research institutions or universities are primarily identified through confidential nominations made online.


“Anaqua is honored to have a talented team guiding the strategy behind our integrated IP management software solutions and serving law firm and corporate clients with best-in-class IP management services,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “This recognition further speaks to how Anaqua has the right leadership team in place to serve our global customer base.”


As Chief Technology Officer, Erik Reeves leads Anaqua’s global engineering and quality assurance teams across all software product lines. He guides the company’s technical strategy to fulfill a vision of data intelligence and decision support unparalleled in the IP market. Reeves’ recognition highlights his success in championing the deep integration of data analytics, decision support and AI within Anaqua’s product suite and continuous improvement in the software platform through UI/UX modernization, and automation. Though Reeves has worked on many innovative projects over the past few years, his work overseeing the expansion of Anaqua’s Research and Development team along with facilitating the technical integration of Anaqua’s five acquisitions over the past two years have set him apart as an IP innovator.


Matt Troyer, Senior Director of Product & Innovation, is the product manager for AcclaimIP, Anaqua’s patent analytics tools. Thanks to Troyer’s leadership and strategy, AcclaimIP users can analyze and understand trends and forecast future conditions of IP with ease, allowing users to find and visualize patent information, gain unique insights into their portfolio and the market, and make more informed decisions. Most recently, Troyer’s work on decision support analytic reports is helping patent owners make better informed decisions at specific points in a patent’s lifecycle including foreign (secondary) filings, and patent renewals.


Anaqua’s Director of Analytics Solutions for AcclaimIP, Shayne Phillips, has played an integral role in helping clients utilize internal and external technical and patent data for enhanced, comprehensive decision-making purposes. Phillips has worked in the areas of IP-related competitive intelligence and technical patent and nonpatent literature searching for over 20 years, helping her provide guidance to Anaqua’s clients on optimizing their patent data. Phillips was integral in launching Anaqua’s AQX® Innovation Management, providing a way for Anaqua’s customers to post and communicate current challenges, areas of interest and goals to proactively align innovation with the strategic vision of the company.


To qualify for the IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists list, each nominee must receive at least three nominations from outside of their organization. The vetting process for the award includes face-to-face and telephone interviews and email exchanges with senior members of the global IP community, as well as proof that the individuals have exceptional skill sets and profound insights into the development, creation, and management of IP value.


Learn about how Anaqua’s innovative solutions help corporations and law firms gain a true competitive advantage from their intellectual property at anaqua.com.


About Anaqua

Anaqua, Inc. is a premium provider of integrated intellectual property (IP) management technology solutions and services for corporations and law firms. Its IP management software solutions, AQX and PATTSY WAVE, both offer best practice workflows with big data analytics and tech-enabled services to create an intelligent environment designed to inform IP strategy, enable IP decision-making, and streamline IP operations, tailored to each segment’s need. Today, nearly half of the top 100 U.S. patent filers and global brands, as well as a growing number of law firms worldwide use Anaqua’s solutions. Over one million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and innovators use the platform for their IP management needs. The company’s global operations are headquartered in Boston, with offices across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. For additional information, please visit anaqua.com, or on Anaqua’s LinkedIn.


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