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Does Your Business Development Software Connect with Your Other Adjacent Systems?

Business Management
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A lot goes into managing business development and licensing opportunities, and your business development software should help support that process, not create more work. If you find the need to use other systems in the process or need information from those systems to flow in or out of your business development and licensing software, you are not alone.


We aim to build software with nearly everything you need built-in (external portals, submit forms, reviews, tracking grids, reports etc.). However, in many cases, a company also relies on other systems - HR interfaces, email, external reporting software, and financial and legal systems to push and pull data from the system. Accessing those other systems separately, outside of the system, can result in slower processes, disjointed information, information in different systems that are not in sync, and cause a myriad of other issues.


Connecting Your Systems and Data


In short, any good process management software (not only business development and licensing software) should be able to tap into other adjacent and sometimes independent systems to ease the burden on the user and ensure that information is in sync across systems.


ideaPoint has recognized that BD&L opportunity management is a complex process. Accessing multiple data points stemming from adjacent systems within a single application provides visibility into all necessary data to improve decision-making and create a better user experience. We have a robust Application Programming Interface (API) suite that acts as an intermediary to make it simpler to integrate your in-house application software with ours and helps us more easily collaborate with your IT teams. We also have a group at Anaqua dedicated to Enterprise Content Integration. You can read more about them here: https://seeunity.com/.


Business needs often change quickly in response to ever-shifting digital markets, where new applications can change a whole industry very quickly. To stay competitive, it's important to support the rapid development and deployment of innovative software services.

Click here to see an infographic (no login required) that explains some of the other differences between ideaPoint and what you may be using for Partnering and Opportunity Management software. If you want to hear more about how we handle support, just request a meeting at the bottom of the infographic.

Written by: Scott Shaunessy, Founder and CEO of ideaPoint