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Unified Platform: Efficiency Through Simplification


Before we had Anaqua our processes in place included more than four different systems, one for each division and then also within various regions within that division each had their own processes. Some used external councils exclusively. Others had very advanced and sophisticated excel spreadsheet. Others had some simplified database, Microsoft Access type of set ups. To have a consistent strategy that we could roll out across the four divisions was virtually impossible.

The Anaqua implementation team helped us a lot with putting all four of our divisions on a common page.

It’s not just a docketing system, it’s a data management system. For me, for our firm we have the ability to track the relationships and everything with regard to from the disclosure coming in the door to changes within, throughout the life of the patent or the application as the client requires. It’s just such a complete and complex data management tool in one location. I don’t have to have a spreadsheet in Excel with this data and I don’t have to have an Access database over here and I don’t have to have this database that I have to open separate. It’s all in one location. It’s phenomenal from a firm perspective to make us more efficient.

Once Anaqua was out there, it became available for law firms and I found it and started looking into it. I was like, oh my god, this is it, this is what I want. A lot of whining later I got it.