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Collaborating and Inspiring: Uniting with Our Client Community at the Anaqua Experience Conference

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The Anaqua Experience Conference is back in person for the first time since 2019. From June 26 to 29, 2023, Anaqua clients will come together at the MGM National Harbor overlooking the historic Potomac River to learn about new developments in intellectual property management, network with each other and the Anaqua team, and enjoy social activities at the end of each day.

“One of the great things about our client community is that they are highly collaborative, and they form connections themselves,” says Aileen Buchanan, Vice President of Client Success at Anaqua. “Hearing, discussing, and bouncing ideas off of other Anaqua clients is an opportunity not to be missed.”

The conference agenda starts with a full-day training on Anaqua IP management software tools, followed by two days of programming including a keynote talk from William LaFontaine, General Manager, IP, Vice President, Research Business Development of IBM Corporation on “IP as a Business”. Additionally, Tracey Armstrong and Catherine Rowland of the Copyright Clearance Center will present a keynote on “Copyright, Content, and ChatGPT – Licensing Implications” and Dr. Markus Braun, Head of IP Operations, BASF will discuss the “Next level of Automation: Robotic Process Automation.”


AI, Business, and Budget


During our conversations with Anaqua clients throughout the year, one of the main messages we’ve been hearing is about managing cost and budget. With uncertainties in the financial climate like the continuing impact of the pandemic, inflation, and the war in Ukraine, companies and firms are concerned about keeping costs reasonable. At the same time, they want to leverage technology, improve automation, and increase efficiency.


We’ve designed the Anaqua Experience Conference to meet our client’s diverse needs. The conference will bring together a cross-section of IP and innovation professionals – patent council, IP operations, data and system administrators, risk managers, R&D advisors, brand protection managers, and more. The programming includes client presentations on how they supported company cost-saving initiatives and incorporated strategic mindsets to increase the value of their IP teams. Clients will attend deep dive sessions to learn how to optimize Anaqua’s IP platforms - AQX® Corporate and AQX® Law Firm.


You will hear from speakers including Anaqua trainers and leadership as well as client companies including adidas, Dolby, Onto Innovation, Sony, and more. There will be cutting-edge and practical IP management topics and breakout sessions where attendees can interact with each other and Anaqua leaders.


Collaborate with Us and Other Anaqua Clients


One of the best things about the Anaqua Experience Conference is how interactive it is. After years of virtual conferences, we are looking forward to seeing and learning from our clients just as much as we’re looking forward to teaching them about how to leverage our technology for their business.


“The reality is there’s just an energy you get being in person,” says Buchanan. “I think bringing clients together to share their stories, creates an environment where inspiration and collaboration are unparalleled.” Buchanan encourages clients to listen to one another and ask questions about how they’re managing their companies’ IP. She says clients often connect and share insights with each other long after the conference is over.


IP Management Tips and Tricks


The full-day training at the beginning of the Anaqua Experience Conference features multiple tracks to learn tips, tricks, and best practices to get the most out of Anaqua tools. There will be workshops geared toward all levels of experience, from introduction and basics to advanced sessions to improve efficiency and streamline IP management.


No matter what your role in your company, there is something for you to learn. Training tracks and breakout sessions will cover diverse topics such as docketing automation, integrations, data integrity, brand evolution, and financial management.  This reflects the breadth of collaboration available on Anaqua tools like AQX Corporate and AQX Law Firm.


Attendees also will be able to build and grow connections outside the conference room, including a casino-themed dinner reception and an evening at District Winery, a boutique small-batch winery in the bustling DC Navy Yard.


The Anaqua Experience

“Client success, it's at the heart and center of everything we do,” Buchanan commented. “Our product roadmap is driven by the client community. We are innovating together. By partnering with our clients, we can continue to help them realize their business outcomes and understand what they are seeing and needing.”

Anaqua’s growing client community truly reflects an evolving IP market. The Anaqua Experience Conference is not only our way of saying thank you, but it also serves a purpose: helping our clients manage their IP efficiently and effectively.


Mark your calendar for The Anaqua Experience Conference if you haven’t already: