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Increase Profits Using Timekeeping Technology: A Working Example From the Law Firm, Fleuchaus and Gallo Partnership

Business Management
Tags: AQX Law Firm, PATTSY WAVE, WiseTime

How Implementing and Using Timekeeping Technology can Help You Realize Greater ROI

In this webinar, Michael Fleuchaus, of the Munich-based IP law firm Fleuchaus & Gallo Partnership, reveals how implementing a legal timekeeping app helped the firm increase its utilisation and realisation rates.

Discussion points include:

- Evaluate fundamental KPIs of profitable law firms ​​& current trends
​- Consider how purpose-built legal technology can address profit leaks
- Discover the ROI realized by law firms when using automated timekeeping software

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Michael Fleuchaus

Michael Fleuchaus, Partner at Fleuchaus & Gallo Partnership and Unified Patent Court Judge. Michael has over 20 years experience as a German & European Patent Attorney as well as background in computer science.



Domenic Leo is Vice President and General Manager, Law Firm at Anaqua. He is a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of management, sales and marketing experience in the IP space.

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