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Our Culture

At Anaqua, we are empowering our clients to develop and secure the world's most influential and innovative ideas. Check out our positions and see how you can change the IP industry with us!

Joining the Team

Join a growing, dynamic, and innovative team that has established itself as the market leader in Intellectual Property management solutions. ANAQUA provides Intellectual Asset Management software and services to help companies and law firms improve their management of patents, trade secrets, and trademarks to gain competitive advantage. A primarily web-based product, ANAQUA has over 20,000 users with an ever-growing client base.


What Our Company Values



We work together towards a single purpose, believing that the results we can achieve as a team are greater than those we can achieve alone. Together, our collective wisdom makes us stronger.



We are geographically dispersed and culturally respectful. We expect and encourage different view points and experiences. This enables us to see the world more clearly and embrace the opportunities around us.



We deliver value and enable advancement in a perpetually evolving IP industry, continuously learning and recalibrating as we go.



We are proud of things our technology allows our clients to bring to the world. We are committed to excellence and relentless in pursuing it. Our clients success is our success.



We are proud of things our technology allows our clients to bring to the world. We are committed to excellence and relentless in pursuing it. Our clients success is our success.

Our Team Is Growing

More than 400 employees in 7 countries












United Kingdom



United States

Jill Bourne

It is exciting to come into the office every day and work side by side with a group of extremely passionate individuals working to achieve a common goal. As a company we have grown significantly within the past year however the strong collegial environment at Anaqua is still thriving. One of my favorite things about working at Anaqua is the ability to collaborate with my coworkers to provide innovative solutions to our client’s needs within the fast paced intellectual property landscape.

Jill Bourne

Business Consultant
Paul Lemay

I like working at Anaqua because of the location and community we have. Building lasting relationships that extend outside of work has been a part of my experience that I did not anticipate. I feel like there is no one that you cannot talk to or connect with. End of the month Birthday celebrations are a unique event at our office as well!

Paul LeMay

Account Executive
Amanda Hollis

It’s exciting to work at a software company where my first impressions of Anaqua being an innovative, smart and friendly work environment continue to stay true today. To work at a company where team members are passionate about contributing to a similar goal, their opinions are valued and their collaboration with clients (many of the world’s top global brands) directly helps their business and supports our software enhancements, is truly a unique opportunity.

Amanda Hollis


Anaqua provides a conducive and employee friendly work environment, which helps everyone to give quality work to the clients. In terms of career growth it also provides the best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with Anaqua and absolutely look forward to working here long-term.

Arikeri Sreekanth

QA Engineer

Anaqua offers more than a job, here you can build a career. The friendly atmosphere of the team and its diverse culture makes every working day a pleasure. Being a software engineer in Anaqua. I love my job because I am learning new technologies and expanding my skills on the regular while getting to work with some great people from all over the world.

Pasham Chandrakanth Goud

Senior Software Engineer

A good place where any employee can start and continue their experiences with functional as well as technological experience on a team with rocking talent that works hard with great managerial heads all over the world.

Vinay Bammidi

Senior Software Engineer
Hirdohide 170170

I’ve had a great experience working in a global company, despite not having global experience before, I was met with all supportive team members.  Working at Anaqua has opened my eyes and broadened my outlook.  I'm glad to be a part of an exciting company and having a good experience with great colleagues.

Hirohide Watanabe

Team Lead, Client Success Support

Keith Cline, founder of VentureFizz, sat down with our CEO, Bob Romeo, to learn more about our company, hiring plans, culture and more!

Anaqua Culture Team