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Our Culture

At Anaqua, we are empowering our clients to develop and secure the world's most influential and innovative ideas. Check out our positions and see how you can change the IP industry with us!

Joining the Team

At Anaqua, we strive to build an inclusive environment that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices and backgrounds of our team members who also represent the diverse needs of our customers. We’re proud to promote a company workplace in which our values are at the forefront and are indicative of our behaviors, decision making, and objectives. Employees from all locations, departments, and backgrounds are involved in decisions that impact our culture, so we can consistently ensure everyone feels heard and valued. Ultimately, our people are at the center of our success, and we are excited to for you to come along with us on this journey!


Our Company Values



We work together towards a single purpose, believing that the results we can achieve as a team are greater than those we can achieve alone. Together, our collective wisdom makes us stronger.



We are geographically dispersed and culturally respectful. We expect and encourage different view points and experiences. This enables us to see the world more clearly and embrace the opportunities around us.



We deliver value and enable advancement in a perpetually evolving IP industry, continuously learning and recalibrating as we go.



We are proud of things our technology allows our clients to bring to the world. We are committed to excellence and relentless in pursuing it. Our clients success is our success.



We promote an environment where creativity and process improvement are rewarded and we continue to redefine what’s possible.

Our Team Is Growing

More than 800 employees and offices in 9 countries


Australia ⋅ France ⋅ Germany ⋅ India ⋅ Italy ⋅ Japan ⋅ Norway ⋅ United Kingdom ⋅ United States

Here’s Why Employees Love Working at Anaqua

Sydney Geosano

Before starting at Anaqua, I had never felt a strong sense of connection to any organization I’ve worked for in the past. Especially collaborating with teams internationally, I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy Anaqua has made it to build strong relationships with my colleagues both locally and abroad. I am grateful to this friendly and supportive community that has made me feel so welcome.

Sydney Geosano

Anaqua Services, U.S.
Amanda Hollis

It’s exciting to work at a software company where my first impressions of Anaqua being an innovative, smart and friendly work environment continue to stay true today. To work at a company where team members are passionate about contributing to a similar goal, their opinions are valued and their collaboration with clients (many of the world’s top global brands) directly helps their business and supports our software enhancements, is truly a unique opportunity.

Amanda Glagolev

Marketing, U.S.
Sudhanshu Das

Working for Anaqua has been a superb experience. The most enjoyable part of my job is the interaction with clients. Peers at Anaqua are extremely encouraging, talented and like one big family, always around to support at times of need. Anaqua as an organization is very multi-cultural, and with offices across the globe we get to interact with colleagues from various nationalities and culture backgrounds. I work with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most hard-working people.

Sudhanshu Das

Professional Services, India
Jill Bourne

It is exciting to come into the office every day and work side by side with a group of extremely passionate individuals working to achieve a common goal. As a company we have grown significantly within the past year however the strong collegial environment at Anaqua is still thriving. One of my favorite things about working at Anaqua is the ability to collaborate with my coworkers to provide innovative solutions to our client’s needs within the fast paced intellectual property landscape.

Jill Bourne

Professional Services, U.S.
Werner Bossert

Working for Anaqua is like playing for a leading global soccer club in the champions league, unifying a team of different cultures and nationalities on a top level.

Werner Bossert

Sales, U.S.
Anne Bessonart

When I joined Anaqua I knew that it was a big group, but I never thought that it would be this interesting to work here. The different cultures and values are one of Anaqua’s major assets. I’m really proud to be a part of it.

Anne Bessonart

Administration, France
Dario Hernandez

Since my very first day, it was evident the culture here is like no other. Anaqua stood out as being a place where all walks of life are not only welcomed, but also celebrated. We work together across different parts of the world; collaboration and valuing different perspectives remains the common thread. I have felt really blessed to be a part of this organization and enjoy learning so much from all members of the Anaqua community.

Dario Hernandez

Legal, U.S.
Towa Kabata

Anaqua is where we can improve our skills more and more because people are so passionate about challenging new things. Collaborative and diverse working environments lead to good changes happening every day!

Towa Kabata

Anaqua Services, Japan
Emil Lawrence

At Anaqua, it is our nature to innovate, and our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every employee and client alike. Collaborative team spirit and inclusiveness makes working at Anaqua more than just a job - it’s something you look forward to doing every day, because you work in a truly people-driven Company.

Emil Lawrence

Client Success, UK
Lauren Loison

After moving out of the U.S. to come back to my natal country France, I was looking for a multicultural workplace, and needless to say I found the perfect company! I feel in line with Anaqua’s values and therefore I feel able to freely express my personality, professionally and personally.

Lauren Loison

Anaqua Services, France
Siobhan Revans

Having recently joined the organisation through the acquisition of Practice Insight, everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and it has been great to work alongside a global team. Anaqua has shown itself to be an inclusive, diverse and collaborative company. I am excited to be a part of something bigger and working alongside such passionate and driven people.

Siobhan Revans

Systems Analytics, Australia

Keith Cline, founder of VentureFizz, sat down with our CEO, Bob Romeo, to learn more about our company, hiring plans, culture and more!

Anaqua Culture Team