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The Anaqua AQX platform is the backbone that enables us to work more effectively as a team…. AQX provides us with a high degree of automation and relieves us of much of the time-consuming repetitive work; and the ability to capture various input, including status updates and the rationale behind decisions.

Christof Wolpert

Vice President, Global Legal Innovation, adidas

We use the AQX platform across our full patent lifecycle: from front-end invention submission, prosecution, all the way through to annuities right up to the end of the life of a patent. We also rely on the AQX platform to handle a lot of the day-to-day activity in our IP workflow activities now.

Daryl Bradley

Senior Director and Head of Intellectual Property Prosecution, Arm

We believe that the AQX IP management system, which is a global cloud service, will enable us to standardize and further enhance efficiency of IP operations, replacing our previous on-premise legacy system.

Kanna Kimura

Director of the Cloud Services Management Department of the Digital System Platform Division, Fujitsu

With our extensive range of products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing, life science and digital healthcare solutions and our strong international presence with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide, it was important to be able to improve the efficiency and coordination of our IP management by consolidating onto a centralized platform. AQX enables us to do that, while also providing highly integrated functionality in key areas such as analytics and invention management.

Anna Maria Lagerqvist Gahm

Head of IP & Digital Law, Getinge

We were looking for an integrated approach that would enable us to manage our patent portfolio more efficiently and holistically. AQX’s comprehensive intellectual property management platform enabled global IP management for us. During implementation, Anaqua and Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. worked closely together to build up a new workflow. Anaqua listened and were responsive to our needs, enabling us to achieve the best fit for our operations.

Seitaro Yoshida

General Manager of Legal and Intellectual Property Division, Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Getting good automated systems that streamline workflows and work processes is critical for us, given our limited resources and the vast amount of activity coming through. With Anaqua, we have a great partner, who is helping us deliver more, both in terms of volume and value – and AQX is key.

Will Federspiel

Director & Senior Counsel – IP, Reebok

Yokogawa’s goal is to provide value through a System of Systems (SoS) approach. In SoS, value is created by complex combinations of a wide variety of intellectual property.  Therefore, we believe that the strategic value of IP will increase significantly. With the AQX platform, we look forward to being able to execute IP activities that are more aligned with business strategies due to advanced analysis and appropriate management of our IP portfolio.

Nobuo Tanaka

General Manager of the Intellectual Property Department, Yokogawa Electric

Anaqua’s AQX® Corporate IP management platform has been instrumental in enabling our lean IP team to work more productively and effectively. Anaqua’s Global IP Estimator® enabled us to generate future-cost estimates for our patent and trademark applications worldwide and made the budgeting process much easier this year.

Benjamin Brown

Chief IP Counsel, Assistant General Counsel, Onto Innovation

With Innovation Centers in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, India, Singapore and China and a portfolio of 25,000 patents, the challenge was huge. Despite this, I have never seen a more successful IT system implementation project. It is a tribute to the whole team - NXP, Anaqua...

Hans Pennings

Former SVP of IP & Licensing, NXP Semiconductors N.V.

A whole new world has been opened up to me and I really appreciate it. It's been something I've wanted - to be able to manage all of our IP portfolios globally in a central system.

Sherry Horton

IP Administrator, Oil States International, Inc.

Leading the ANAQUA IAM project has been an exciting foray into the IP space and created valuable opportunities to connect with R&D professionals in our businesses and help them pipeline their innovation streams into a common process.

Brendan Harney

Law Department Technology & Operations Administrator, Saint-Gobain

We were looking for a comprehensive IAM system that gave us world class functionality, flexibility, and ease of use for our global team. After a thorough review of the various solutions available, we selected ANAQUA Enterprise IAM solution.

Tim Crean

SVP and Chief IP Officer, SAP AG

With our focus on innovation, we needed a system to enable our IP team to be highly efficient in handling the growth in inventions and patent filings. After extensive review, we selected ANAQUA. Anaqua's streamlined, best-practices implementation was also important in our decision.

Dr. Thorsten Kettner

Director of Systems Intelligence Group and Head of IP, Wilo SE

Anaqua is taking us into the next generation of IP management with new levels of collaboration and productivity.

Heidi Martinez

Chief IP Counsel and Associate General Counsel, Xerox Corporation

I think we’ve gained a lot of insight from being able to hear about and discuss various client issues and needs on the Anaqua Client Working Groups, and work with Anaqua to address them.

Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel

Formerly Project Manager at Corporate Patents, Novo Nordisk

We wanted to move from our current in-house system to a new generation of patent management software. After a thorough evaluation we selected the ANAQUA IAM solution due to its superior ability to meet our primary objective of providing a user friendly and efficient workplace for professionals in our global patent organization.

Lars Kellberg

Corporate VP of Corporate Patents, Novo Nordisk A/S

HRL needed a technology solution that integrated all facets of IP administration and IP management into a single platform to support both its technical divisions and legal department, and Anaqua delivered.

Egan Huen

Project Manager, HRL Laboratories

After a thorough review of the potential suppliers, we conducted an in-depth evaluation of Anaqua's ability to meet our current and future needs. We have been very impressed with both the Anaqua product and its people and look forward to a long partnership.

Dr. Udo Meyer

SVP of Global IP, BASF Corporation

One key benefit of Anaqua is the Users Group which has been formed. Talking to top-class IP owners about the system at User Group meetings and also the processes and procedures each company uses to manage its Intellectual Property rights is tantamount to bench-marking with the best.

Toe Su Aung

Head of IP, British American Tobacco

By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served with increased visibility of real-time portfolio information, efficiencies in portfolio reviews, and more accurate forecasting capability.

Bernie Graves

Chief Patent Counsel, Eastman Chemical Company

Innovation and IP continues to be a major priority for Honda. As we move to a new phase of innovation leadership, it is critical we establish a platform to support our vision. After a thorough review of the alternatives, we are very pleased to select Anaqua to provide a collaborative solution most suitable for our global IP activities.

Hirokazu Bessho

General Manager, IP Division, Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

We needed a system that would allow us to access and analyze our portfolio more easily and at the same time support close collaboration with our law firms. We looked at several tools in the marketplace and were very impressed with Anaqua's potential to support collaboration with the wider community involved in our global trademark activity. The implementation of the system went smoothly even with our large portfolio.

Stephen Reid

Senior IP Counsel, Imperial Tobacco Group PLC

Law Firm

Law firm IP practices are very report-driven and need to be able to tailor their reports to individual client requirements. Utilizing AQX Law Firm has made this much simpler and quicker for us.
At the end of the day, it comes down to three factors: cost, speed and quality; and, thanks to AQX Law Firm, we have been able to deliver on all counts.

Nicole Fulton

Trademark Docketing Coordinator, Ballard Spahr

PATTSY WAVE frees up time for me to further support our law firm’s partner at Cain Lamarre with business development, contract review, customer relations, and IP portfolio management.

Nathalie Lebreton

Legal Assistant / Paralegal, Cain Lamarre

AQX Law Firm is like having a car with a high-power engine that can take you to new levels of speed and performance. With our legacy system, we always seemed to be stuck in first gear. It’s exciting with AQX to be able to change up through the gears to drive greater efficiency, productivity, and quality of work.

Santiago Mayora

Joint Managing Partner, Mayora IP

By utilizing ANAQUA’s tasks and comments features to track important information, and by giving attorneys and paralegals more visibility and permission-based access to their dockets, we are creating a more efficient and streamlined IP practice.

Michelle Saitz

IP Practice Support Services Supervisor, Thompson Coburn LLP

We love working with the PATTSY WAVE team. Their team provides the best level of support from any IP management software vendor we’ve experienced.

Dan Eichenberger

Director of Information Technology, Middleton Reutlinger

We are committed to maintaining quality and efficiency, in part through the use of IP practice management technology that offers the tools we need to maintain our competitive edge and our long-standing reputation for superior client service. After an exhaustive search and investigation into many IP docketing and practice management solutions, it became evident that Anaqua’s platform was the right technology to achieve these goals and meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

Donald Lee

Assistant General Counsel and Director of Firm Services, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

When COVID-19 hit, our practice group was able to move to a remote work environment seamlessly. We realized that we could find ways to utilize all of our technology, especially PATTSY WAVE, to assist in the transition.

Heather Salamone

IP Legal / Docket Administrator, Barley Snyder

My paralegals know how much I love to talk about Anaqua. It’s a great, powerful system. And we’re really proud of the Client Portal that we’ve built with the Anaqua team.

Michele Hoxie

Docketing Paralegal, Hoxie & Associates

Partnering with Anaqua makes a lot of sense for our global practice, which relies on close and efficient collaboration on a daily basis.

Constanze Schulte

Trademark Partner, Hogan Lovells

We are a very forward-thinking firm always looking for new ways to add value to our advanced technology clients, so the ANAQUA system is a great fit for us. We can offer our clients new online services and use web-based collaboration with other service providers to offer exceptional value.

Eric Maschoff

Patent Attorney, Maschoff Brennan Laycock Gilmore Israelsen & Wright, PLLC

Anaqua is the best data management system I've ever used. The applications are endless - it's not just for docketing.

Melanie Murdock

Senior Paralegal & Administrator, Garlick & Markison, LLP

I think training goes quickly in PATTSY WAVE… I like that PATTSY WAVE has everything you need on one screen— it’s all right there and straightforward.

Rebecca Bracewell

Trademark Docketing Supervisor, Perkins Coie