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Foreign Patent Filing

Expand Your Patent Rights Worldwide

Anaqua makes foreign filling efficient and effective while reducing costs. You can either use our integrated offering through AQX or the standalone option through the Anaqua Foreign Filing portal. We will help you reduce the administrative burden of translating and filing international patents.

Today, Anaqua has one of the world's largest networks of foreign agents. Our technology connects patent filers and agents in every country. This network allows you to expand your IP rights worldwide and place foreign filing orders in minutes.

We help you reduce the administrative burden associated with foreign filings:

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

National Phase

Filing a PCT application simplifies the process of going internationally. By filing one international patent application under the PCT, you can simultaneously seek protection in a large number of countries.

Validation in member states

European Patent (EP) / Unitary Patent (UP)

European patent validation occurs after the grant of an EP application and can be validated in any number of member states of the European Patent Convention.

Paris Convention

Direct Filing

Filing direct under the Paris Convention may be the preferred filing route for applicants seeking protection in a smaller number of countries or in countries not covered by the PCT.

Anaqua Makes Foreign Filing Easy

  • Anaqua will act as a single point of contact, eliminating the need to deal with multiple foreign agents and translation providers.

  • Use our global network of agents or continue working with your preferred partners while we handle the administration.

  • Save 25-45% of the overall costs of the foreign filing process.

Estimate Your Savings Now!

Use our free calculator and see how much Anaqua will help you save.

Already an AQX Client?

Learn how the AQX® IP management platform enables you to manage your global patent portfolios and foreign filings more efficiently to have a greater impact on the business.

Your One-stop Solution for Foreign Patent Filing

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Estimate Costs Before Filing

Get instant, competitive, and fixed quotes based on the characteristics of the patent application. View and compare all costs associated with a filing.

Download quotes, make any adjustments, and share with your colleagues or clients in a few clicks.

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Foreign Filing in One Place

Get direct access to your portfolio of granted European patents (EP) and published PCT applications.

You can determine which cases to work on, select an agent and Anaqua will handle the administration and translation.

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Save Time and Money

No need to email your agents back and forth asking for pricing, submitting requests, and waiting for responses. We act as your single point of contact, eliminating the need to deal with multiple law firms.

With Anaqua, you will save up to 45% on foreign filing costs.

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Paolo Garavelli

European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, Technical Consultant - Turin Court, A.BRE.MAR. s.r.l.

The whole process saves us considerable time and cost savings. We can instruct multiple filing and validation orders in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Paolo Garavelli

European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, Technical Consultant - Turin Court, A.BRE.MAR. s.r.l.

The Anaqua Foreign Filing Portal provides us with a one-stop solution for our global filings and validations. We are able to review all our upcoming cases in a simple format and obtain competitive and fixed pricing in a few simple steps using their international network of IP law firm agents.

Paolo Garavelli

European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, Technical Consultant - Turin Court, A.BRE.MAR. s.r.l.

The Anaqua Foreign Filing portal also gives us the flexibility to choose the selected preferred agents to handle the filing or validation orders or we can opt on the portal to select to place order with our existing local associates.

Paolo Garavelli

European Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, Technical Consultant - Turin Court, A.BRE.MAR. s.r.l.

Anaqua’s Foreign Filing Portal has an excellent back-office administration team, who handle all aspects of the order process and documentation requirements, together with clear communication and first-rate client service.


Frequently Asked Questions about Anaqua Foreign Filing Service

Anaqua Foreign Filing Portal

Can Anaqua provide a cost comparison for me to compare the fees vs my current provider?

Yes, we can provide a cost comparison. Please contact us here

How can I access the Anaqua Foreign Filing Portal?

We will be setting up your account. Once the account is set up your PCT and EP cases will be automatically downloaded on a weekly basis. You can request a full user account here, which allows you to place live orders.

What invoicing currencies are currently available?

The currencies currently are EUR and USD.

Foreign Filing Agents

Can Anaqua send me a list of their default agents?

Yes, this information is available on the portal.

Can I use my agents?

Yes, it is possible to use your agents either entirely or for a small number of strategic countries.

What if I want to use Anaqua’s agents for filing/validation and my agent for prosecution?

We can accommodate this request. We will obtain this information from you at the time of onboarding. Our operations team based in Norway will manage this process. 

What if my agent’s fees are lower than those appearing in the Anaqua portal?

We have negotiated special discounts with the agents but if you have lower fees, we can approach the agent for your specific rate to be added to the system.


What is the deadline for sending instructions?

Instructions must be received at least 3 working days before the due date.

Who is responsible for delivering the Anaqua Foreign Filing Service?

The Foreign filing team is based in Norway and will interact directly with you for documents and all other formalities. Our process is certified ISO 9001.

How does Anaqua communicate the progress of the validation/filing?

The key information is either uploaded into AQX, available in the portal, for stand-alone clients, or via email for clients who want to manage the process via email.


Once the application has been filed who manages the prosecution process?

The agent appointed to file the application will continue to manage the prosecution process.

Is it possible to use Anaqua’s agent to file the application and then hand over to my designated agent for prosecution?

Yes, it is possible to hand over the prosecution to your chosen agent after receipt of the confirmation of filing. This information will be obtained from you at the time of onboarding.

Office Actions – who handles these?

Any Office Actions will be issued after the application has been filed. The agent will correspond with the client directly for resolution. Anaqua’s foreign filing service does not include managing Office Actions.


How does Anaqua handle translations? 

The designated agent generally handles the translation.

Do Anaqua’s agents have the experience to provide an accurate translation?

Yes, our agents provide information regarding their areas of expertise, and we only use well-established agents in each country. 

Is it possible to use a Translation Service Provider?

Yes, we have a collaboration with translation service providers who can provide translations if required.

Is it possible to get some test translations to confirm the accuracy of the agent?

Yes, it is possible, please contact our team directly here.

Can the same translation be used across multiple countries?

Yes, the system is coded to incorporate translation sharing across same language countries.