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Foreign Patent Filing

Optimize Your International IP Filing Process

Worldwide patent protection requires an effective plan. Anaqua offers foreign patent filing services to reduce the administrative burden associated with EP validation, PCT national phase filing, and direct filing via the Paris Convention.

Our user-friendly one-stop portal will help you reduce costs while securing and streamlining your foreign patent filing processes.

  • Your cases are automatically pre-uploaded to get instant information and quotes

  • We will act as a single point of contact. Use our foreign agents or your existing network

  • Save typically 20-50% of the overall costs of international filing

Access our demo portal to see how easy and powerful it is!


Estimate Costs Before Filing

Instant, competitive and fixed quotes based on the characteristics of the patent application. View all costs associated with a filing in a single itemized invoice, making it easy to track costs.

Download estimates, make any adjustments, and share in a few clicks with clients and colleagues.

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Foreign Filing in One Place

Get direct access to your portfolio of granted European patents and published PCT applications.  You can determine which case(s) to work on, and we handle the administration.

File and validate quickly into multiple countries via our simple yet powerful one-stop portal.

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Save Time and Money

Make your foreign patent filing quick and easy using our portal. No need to email your agent(s) back and forth asking for pricing, submitting requests, and waiting for responses.

Find your automatically pre-uploaded cases and related information in our portal and simply submit your order.

Test the Anaqua Foreign Patent Filing Portal

Our portal automatically pre-upload your cases and all related information (number of words, pages and claims), to provide you with instant quotes. In other words, it is now easy to forecast different foreign filing scenarios and understand what you are really paying for.

  • 1. Select product: PCT, EP applications or direct filing

  • 2. Select case from the pre-populated list of patents

  • 3. Select countries of interest

  • 4. Answer questions

  • 5. Select our foreign agents or yours and send order.

Top 5 Considerations for a Foreign Filing Strategy

Organizations often embark on foreign patent filing without having done the proper due diligence and planning. Corporations need an iterative, cost-effective approach to remain competitive in their target markets.

Discover the top considerations for comprehensive international patent filing strategies in this guide.