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anaqua acquires quantify ip JUST ANNOUNCED Anaqua welcomes Quantify IP Anaqua, Inc. | With deep roots in IP cost estimating software, Quantify IP complements Anaqua’s robust set of IP management solutions by providing IP practitioners with more insight into their IP spend. ANAQUA • 1,000,000 Users
• 1,000 Customers
• 20 Years of IP Experience

INTRODUCING AQX The leading-edge software platform that enables corporations to align their IP portfolio strategy with their business objectives, and provides law firms with powerful new automation and business development tools. Anaqua Connect INTRODUCING Anaqua Connect™ We have been working with our client community of IP owners and law firms to better understand how to safeguard IP rights and assets without the pain of double docketing.

Our Clients

Anaqua fosters a unique model that gives clients more direct influence into the product roadmap than traditional software vendors.

Our Products & Services

Anaqua delivers complete Intellectual Property software and services solutions, tailored to your specific needs.


Streamline operations and enable strategic decision-making through process automation, business intelligence, and analytics

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Increase productivity and reduce risk by simplifying your workflow, keeping IP safe for clients, and offering actionable insight to your IP team


Software that improves the speed and efficiency of identifying, evaluating, tracking, and managing external partnerships and collaboration

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AcclaimIP is the fastest, most intuitive, and comprehensive tool for conducting patent searches, analyzing patents, and determining patentability


IP and business services that enhance your IP management operations and drive more value for your company or firm

Streamline operations and enable strategic decision-making through process automation, business intelligence, and analytics

Slide We wanted to move from our current in-house system to a new generation of patent management software. After a thorough evaluation we selected the ANAQUA IAM solution due to its superior ability to meet our primary objective of providing a user friendly and efficient workplace for professionals in our global patent organization. Testimonials Lars Kellberg, Corporate VP of Corporate Patents, Novo Nordisk A/S Slide One key benefit of Anaqua is the Users Group which has been formed. Talking to top-class IP owners about the system at User Group meetings and also the processes and procedures each company uses to manage its Intellectual Property rights is tantamount to bench-marking with the best. Testimonials Toe Su Aung Head of IP, British American Tobacco
Slide With Innovation Centers in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, India, Singapore and China and a portfolio of 25,000 patents, the challenge was huge. Despite this, I have never seen a more successful IT system implementation project. It is a tribute to the whole team. Testimonials Hans Pennings Former SVP of IP & Licensing, NXP Semiconductors N.V.
Slide After a thorough review of the potential suppliers, we conducted an in-depth evaluation of Anaqua's ability to meet our current and future needs. We have been very impressed with both the Anaqua product and its people and look forward to a long partnership. Testimonials Dr. Udo Meyer SVP of Global IP, BASF Corporation
Slide Driving and managing our growth in innovation is a strategic thrust for Nielsen as we expand into new markets and provide new product offerings to the marketplace. Given the speed of innovation in our space, things are moving faster than ever. The more information we have, the more efficient and cost effective we can be. Anaqua is a key resource in helping us do this. Testimonials Sal Karottki SVP of IP, The Nielsen Company
Slide adidas logo For us, HyperView is a key differentiator when it comes to IP analytics tools. Its intuitive platform provides immediate, customized insight into our internal operations and external IP landscape. The tool’s color-coded dashboards make it easy for us to know where we need to look and where our attention needs to be, which is such a strong necessity and advantage during these busy times. For example, we no longer have to re-run a report or conduct a search, all we have to do is click the HyperView button and the data our team needs to see is right there and always up-to-date. That is what fascinates us about HyperView. We can quickly simplify complex IP data and easily communicate these findings and recommendations to our business partners at adidas. Testimonials Christof Wolpert, VP Global Legal Innovation and Sara Halton, Senior Patent Counsel