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Anaqua's AI Initiatives
and Capabilities


“Intellectual property professionals are always looking for new ways to generate insights and enhance the productivity of their daily tasks. Anaqua is leveraging unique AI capabilities such as the AI Patent Auto-Classifier and AI Patent Summaries with our expertise in IP management, empowering professionals to streamline repetitive processes and uncover hidden value.”

Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua

AI Patent Auto-Classifier 3

AI Patent Auto-Classifier

The AI Patent Auto-Classifier™, an AI initiative between Anaqua and the pioneer AnyGen AI, revolutionizes the process of classifying patent portfolios for IP teams by using a hosted Large Language Model (LLM) to automatically map internal and external patents to your company’s proprietary classification system. A process that traditionally takes hours of manual classification review can now be completed in minutes, approaching 85-90% accuracy rates, and minimal human effort.

AI Patent Summaries

AI Patent Summaries

AI Patent Summaries, our new generative AI-powered capability provides users with a consistent, high-quality review of any patent. With easy access to summarized patent claims and inventions, patent practitioners can save significant time and gain comprehensive insightsThe summaries are available in our AcclaimIP patent search and analytics software.

Auto-Processing of Documents

Auto-Processing of Documents

Auto-processing of documents helps IP administrative teams to minimize repetitive manual tasks and reduce data processing time. With AQX’s docketing automation capabilities, IP teams can auto-process PTO correspondence with the four largest PTO offices (US, WIPO, EU, and Japan), including an integration with the USPTO TSDR for trademark teams. In addition, users can easily import prior art to streamline the IDS process with Microsoft Azure AI Document Intelligence.

Automate Time & Billing 1

Automate Time & Billing

WiseTime® is Anaqua’s autonomous timekeeping software solution. WiseTime helps increase the amount of billable hours captured and reduce the amount of time spent on managing timekeeping and timesheets. In WiseTime, users can use our AI narrative generator NarrateGPT to create an invoice summary to provide granularity and accuracy to client invoices. In their timesheet they can adjust durations, activity codes, matter references, and adjust the narrative manually or using NarrateGPT.

Powerful new possibilities with the help of AI

Discover the new release of AQX 11 that will save your team hours of manual work each week with AI tools and automation, accelerate and improve decision-making across the IP lifecycle, and maximize the value of your IP assets.