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AQX Pharma

Leverage Drug-Centered IP Management to Maximize Market Exclusivity and Lower Risk

IP Management for Pharmaceutical Companies

The AQX Pharma™ IP Management platform empowers pharmaceutical companies to focus on relationships between IP and drug products throughout the lifecycle of each. The platform provides highly efficient ways to enter, track, and link IP and drug data with the ability to view joint timelines, revenue contribution, and costs to support more informed decisions across the organization.

AQX Pharma offers the same dynamic capabilities as its flagship IP management platform, AQX® Corporate, with additional data fields, meta fields, and pharma-specific tools.

Maximize Global Market Exclusivity

To fully capitalize on new drug development, pharmaceutical companies must be laser-focused on optimizing market exclusivity in each country they sell in. AQX Pharma provides flexible ways to track and view market exclusivity by drug, patent, and country.

  • Keep track of important dates within the Drug Life Cycle, such as the Market Exclusivity End Date and Estimated Marketing Approval Date, to have visibility of IP and drug product readiness in each country

  • Make more informed timing decisions with a clear view of Patent Term Extensions and Supplemental Protection Certificates (SPC) on a worldwide basis, as well as statutory registry listings (US FDA Orange Book) related to both product and patent records

  • Access a US Orange Book Analytics Report™ to gain a holistic view of drug and patent lifecycle timelines for product planning or deep-dive competitive analysis.

Fulfill Statutory Reporting Requirements with Less Work and Lower Risk

Staying current with country-specific registry reporting with its varying deadlines and data requirements can be laborious. AQX Pharma automates and simplifies this routine yet vital work —saving your teams hours each month and helping ensure compliance.

  • Easily stay on top of registry deadlines with built-in workflow alerts

  • Be prompted for the exact data requirements needed for each country registry

  • Reduce the effort involved in gathering information for registries and then access the reports you need with a single click


Improve IP Management by Relating the IP and Drug Lifecycles

With the drug product as the centerpiece, IP matters such as patents, trademarks, and licenses are fully linked on AQX Pharma so you can easily obtain an overview of IP assets and their relationship to the drug(s) they protect.

  • Set up automated product-based workflows to meet critical business processes and statutory requirements more easily and reliably.

  • View reports based on the product lifecycle stage gate such as clinical trials or market approval to check the state of IP readiness

  • Access PatSnap Synapse for external pharmaceutical, chemical, and IP information needed for decisions at stage gate reviews

  • Save time and money with drug lifecycle management processes supported during the growth, maturity, and decline phases including virtual patent marking, patent box revenue reclaim, infringement, new drug development, licensing and divesture

Make Informed Decisions with IP Cost & Revenue Contribution Insights

AQX Pharma not only allows you to track and forecast IP expenses in detail, but it also generates an IP contribution based on related drugs in each country to see expenditures vs. value.

This empowers you to:

  • Report on IP costs as well as the related product IP contribution revenue, both by drug and country

  • View the revenue contribution of an individual patent across all of the drugs that it supports

  • Aggregate individual patent contribution revenue and discover which patents/patent families have the most contribution revenue

  • Discover hidden value in patents that may have low contribution revenue value on an individual drug basis but may be important because they relate to multiple products

AQX Pharma - Revenue Insights
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