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Our Story

Anaqua is a privately-held company headquartered in Boston Massachusetts with offices across Europe and Asia.

Our intellectual property (IP) software and services help corporations and law firms gain a true competitive advantage from their IP. Twenty years ago, IP leaders from Ford Motor Company and British American Tobacco identified an important gap within enterprise software solutions. Managing IP with patchworks of commercial and homegrown systems left them with unreliable data that increased their costs and exposed them to risk. They took matters into their own hands by collaborating on a new web-based, unified system for intellectual property – a comprehensive software platform capable of managing and automating the full IP lifecycle of patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and contracts. That collaboration was the beginning of Anaqua – the world’s first web-based unified platform for intellectual property.


From the start, our technology leadership and product innovation has been driven by our customers. Today, Anaqua’s AQX® IP management software is used by over a million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals and administrators in corporations and law firms all over the world. Many of the best-known brands and most innovative products were conceptualized, evaluated, protected, and monetized through the AQX software platform.


Over the years, Anaqua has grown exponentially through organic growth and acquisitions. We merged with Lecorpio®, a leading IP management software solutions company, acquired ideaPoint™, an innovation management solution provider, AcclaimIP™, the industry-leading patent analytics software solution and PATTSY WAVE®, a leading IP management software and practice automation provider.


In 2021, Anaqua acquired global IP cost estimating software provider Quantify IP, tech-enabled IP services company Actio IP and Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity)™, a premium provider of API-based content integration and migration software products. Then in 2022, we acquired Practice Insight Pty Ltd, and its intelligent time capture software WiseTime®.


These strategic acquisitions continue the acceleration of Anaqua’s corporate and law firm growth strategy and support the company’s commitment to delivering IP solutions that address the diversified and evolving needs of today’s IP management market.


We are committed to excellence by acquiring and investing in top-notch IP solutions. These offerings are not just maintained but also strategically integrated and enhanced with customer collaboration to complement Anaqua's suite of offerings. With a growing portfolio of next-generation IP solutions and a global customer base, Anaqua is dedicated to supporting innovators worldwide, making a positive impact on lives across the globe.