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AI Patent Auto-Classifier

Classify Patents to Your Company’s Proprietary Taxonomy in Record Time with Unprecedented Accuracy Using AI

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Guiding your company to a market leadership position requires an in-depth understanding of your patent portfolio and that of competitors – especially with emerging technologies. Many companies create their own patent classification taxonomies to have more specificity than public classification systems and to tailor to business goals.

Traditionally, the process of classifying public patent portfolios with your own proprietary taxonomy has been laborious and time-consuming. Understanding your competitors' patent portfolios in the same way has proved nearly impossible. But that’s about to change!

Faster & More Accurate Patent Classification


The Anaqua AI Patent Auto-Classifier, an AI initiative between Anaqua and the pioneering developer AnyGen AI, revolutionizes this process for IP teams by using a hosted Large Language Model (LLM) to automatically map internal and external patents to your company’s private classification system.

A process that traditionally takes hours of manual classification review can now be completed in minutes with up to 85-90% accuracy rates and minimal human effort. Read below to learn more and contact Anaqua for a demonstration.

The Value of Proprietary Patent Taxonomies

Anaqua works with IP teams around the world, many of which create their own patent taxonomies for better portfolio management and strategic planning purposes. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Specificity & Relevance: Public patent classification systems such as CPC ad PCC offer only broad categorization. Creating your own categorization allows for more specific analysis and competitive comparisons, especially in emerging areas which can take many months to be publicly classified. 

  • Tailored to Your Company’s Business Objectives: Public classification systems offer only a one-size-fits-all approach.  Creating a proprietary patent taxonomy enables your team to review patents in line with business goals and specific product initiatives. It also provides better focus on market trends and the ability to spot competitive advantages

  • Innovation Planning & Portfolio Management: While public classification systems offer a baseline, custom classifications allow your team to conduct precise analysis into new technology and areas of innovation for planning and identifying portfolio gaps

  • Risk Mitigation & Market Positioning: With a finer level of patent classification specificity, you can better assess risks and identify market opportunities

Ready to learn more about the AI Patent Auto-Classifier?  Contact Anaqua today to schedule a demonstration.


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