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IP Operations

Evolve Your IP Operations with Docketing Automation and a Collaborative Platform

Make Your IP Docketing and Operations More Efficient

Improve the efficiency of your company's IP operations with a powerful patent and trademark management platform that streamlines docketing workflow processes, reduces risk, and improves data accuracy. AQX® IP management platform helps eliminate repetitive tasks and enable your IP operations team to focus on solving complex problems.

Anaqua is forging ahead with AI advancements, streamlined document processing, and integrated workflows to revolutionize IP operations. Learn more below.

New Trends in IP Docketing

Empower Your People

A platform that gives you clear IP operations visibility helps your efforts to streamline collaboration and manage high volumes of data more deftly. AQX® Corporate supports your IP docketing team with the tools needed to take operational efforts to the next level: 

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and keep your team focused on the activities that provide the most value to your organization

  • Manage your workload optimally using interactive dashboards that allow you to shift work tasks and assignments easily, identify potential bottlenecks, and be prepared in times of staffing constraints

  • Improve efficiency of your team by automating the preparation of documents, uploading data in bulk, and tracking deadlines with alerts 

Work Faster with Docketing Automation

It is time consuming to docket patents and trademarks as it requires receiving and submitting documents from PTO offices, managing the associated deadlines, and numerous manual steps and tasks.

With AQX Corporate, you can minimize repetitive manual tasks, focus on running your critical IP operations programs, and deliver value to the business through your IP portfolio.

  • Improve your productivity by auto-processing PTO correspondences with the four largest PTO offices (US, WIPO, EU, and Japan), including an integration with the USPTO TSDR for trademark teams

  • Save time and money by easily importing prior art to streamline the IDS process with Microsoft Azure AI Document Intelligence. In AQX, you have flexibility to control the required levels of verification and determine who can verify IDS forms

  • Coming soon – Open, read, process and docket the contents of PTO correspondences documents to better docket response deadlines

  • Coming soon - New Validation Screen to allow clients to review and validate documents before being docketed

Revolutionize docketing with automation
Ensure IP data accuracy with the right tools in place

Reduce Risk with Data Accuracy

Keeping your organization’s data accurate is one of the most important responsibilities IP operations teams have. AQX consolidates your data and workflow into one unified platform and provides you with powerful visibility and operational command.

  • Gain confidence knowing that confirmation of payments is available when you need it, by integrating with Anaqua Services to assist with payments of patent annuities and trademark renewals

  • Improve the consistency and quality of your data with the AcclaimIP™ patent database and unmatched integration with international patent and trademark databases

  • Achieve a transparent view into the costs, status, and global coverage of your IP portfolio


Improve Collaboration for Operations Teams

Working in silos can slow IP operations teams down and limit effective problem solving. AQX is a fully connected platform designed to support collaboration and makes the day-to-day of managing IP operations more efficient. Collaborate with outside counsel more effectively as well as internal stakeholders to boost productivity.

  • Improve decision making and collaboration with internal stakeholders, foreign associates and outside counsel with visual, dynamic reports of your portfolio and docket status

  • Automate document exchanges, workflows, communications, and instructions with outside counsel and internal stakeholders

  • Eliminate the need for double docketing and automate IP data exchange between your department and your outside counsel and work more seamlessly with Anaqua Connect®

Anaqua Connect is available for corporations using AQX with their outside counsel also using Anaqua Connect.

Link up work with your IP Counsel using Anaqua Connect