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Reporting & Analytics

Easy-to-Use Reporting & Powerful Analytics to Inform Your Operational and Business Decisions

With all your company's IP documents, data, and activity in a centralized platform, AQX® gives you the power to analyze and report on IP operations, prosecution activity, infringement/enforcement actions, competitive standings and much more.

Easy-to-use reporting capabilities and robust analytics exist throughout the AQX platform to help IP professionals in various functions make decisions and to provide management with KPIs and other requested information. 

AQX's integration with AcclaimIP™ Patent Search & Analytics software allows you to obtain detailed analysis on any patent and allows you to conduct competitive analysis in a variety of ways.


Robust Reporting Capabilities

Reporting in AQX provides attorneys and IP executives with operational and portfolio visibility, and enables administrators to check on resource allocation, gather internal metrics, and respond quickly to ad hoc questions.

  • Portfolio Reports: Easily run queries to generate reports on portfolio information, statuses, and deadlines—with granular-level filtering capabilities

  • Docket Reports: Interact with a live rolling docket in a calendar view with personalization of filters and views

  • Data Integrity Reports: Check data quality to resolve issues quickly

Dynamic Analytics Dashboards

Analyze your company’s private IP in AQX as well as publicly available patent data pulled from Anaqua’s AcclaimIP database with visual, dynamic dashboards where you can easily slice and dice the data to display in charts, graphs, and tables.

These visual reports allow you to easily share vital intelligence to help your IP team and management make portfolio decisions and drive operational efficiency based on internal and competitive intelligence.

  • Choose from 40+ pre-built dashboards that you can further configure to your specific needs or build an ad-hoc report from scratch

  • Combine data from multiple modules and assets such as tasks, events, classifications, contacts, financial data, and more

  • Keep track of the status of many IP areas, including filing fees, annuities, renewals, and other costs; patent and trademark filings by country; IP staff productivity and more.

  • Save and easily share with other members of your company, regardless of whether they are AQX users

  • Add dashboards to your home page to check on progress each day

Patent Competitive Analysis - Anaqua
Pull in competitive patent data for a side-by-side comparison of your own portfolio, then drill into and explore

Integrated Patent Analytics

Good patent decisions rely on more than just data. That’s why the AQX platform offers integrated access to its intuitive AcclaimIP™ Patent Search & Analytics software, so you can draw on patent intelligence at every stage of the patent life cycle – for innovation reviews, patent prosecution, patent pruning, and more.

Integrated AcclaimIP analysis includes:

  • Pre-Configured Patent Analytics Reports: Instantly access reports that provide a wealth of time-saving patent insights, including patent scores, historic trend analysis, and other intelligence to aid in faster, more informed decisions. Examples: Prosecution Analytics Report, Foreign Filing Report, Annuity Decisions Report

  • Competitive patent dashboards and technology landscapes to advise strategic planning and view side-by-side benchmarking of your patent data vs. top competitors

  • Examiner Insights: Access forward rejections to see when your company’s prior art was determined by the examiner via citation to be prior art blocking another patent application

  • Uncited Prior Art: Use AcclaimIP’s advanced citations meta-data to uncover uncited art revealed by comparing multiple examinations of claims across different countries or jurisdictions