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Document Management

Gain Control with Document / Email Management and Automated Workflow Processes

As your IP portfolio expands, so does the avalanche of related documents and emails related to each IP matter, along with the number of people needing access. Managing it all can quickly become overwhelming, especially for teams working in siloed or paper environments.

AQX® provides both the secure document management capabilities and best practice IP workflows to help your team receive, store, and access all IP-related documents and emails related to any matter or project in an organized, fluid, and paperless environment. Built-in workflows advance documents automatically based on business rules to keep tasks and approvals moving forward.

IP Document Management - Anaqua

Save Hours of Time with Integrated Document Management

AQX’s document management system ensures that all emails and documents are managed, tracked, and stored in a paperless environment for efficient retrieval with granular security permissions. Users are assured of accessing the same information from a single source and can use online searching to find what they need quickly.

AQX can also be integrated with third-party document management systems (DMS) such as iManage, NetDocuments, and Microsoft® SharePoint via AQX Sync to enable document sharing with outside vendors.

  • Make decisions more easily with the ability to view all documents and emails related to a matter from its record and then sort or group the results

  • Ensure secure document handling with check-in / check-out, version control, and locking capabilities

  • Initiate automatic document review workflows (to pre-determined reviewers) triggered by uploading a specific document type such as a patent application draft

  • Populate standardized documents automatically (such as PTO forms and email form letters) with data directly from IP records

  • Obtain and track signatures easily with e-signing capabilities

In AQX, case screens for all record types include a secure documents window that memorializes correspondence and files of all types with full text search, form generation, and robust collaborative document management capabilities that are integrated into a workflow.

Improve Productivity with Built-in Workflows

Intellectual property management involves many tasks, approvals, deadlines, and endless coordination. Wherever possible, it helps to reduce manual and redundant efforts using automation to allow staff to focus on more important tasks.

In AQX, automated workflows based on business rules streamline the flow of tasks by initiating approvals and other next steps in your document drafting and review processes. This capability helps your team be more productive and reduces the risk of missed deadlines. For example, when your outside counsel uploads a patent application draft, a simple workflow can be set to automatically prompt a review by your own designated staff members, including inventors.

  • Benefit from out-of-the-box workflows, both simple and complex, developed with the best practices designed by Anaqua’s client community

  • Configure advanced workflows that allow your team to set rules for more specific needs

  • Use workflows to initiate prosecution templates automatically for all stages of prosecution and types of actions. For example, when an office action is received, the document is automatically routed to the relevant record and the corresponding prosecution template is applied to create the appropriate tasks

  • Streamline attorney workloads with easy drag and drop document workflow reviews

Improve collaboration and reduce risk with automated workflows - Anaqua