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Patent Management

Empowering Your Patent Team to Secure, Protect, and Monetize the Company’s Innovations

Patent Management Software from Anaqua

Patent management protects some of your company’s most crucial assets. That’s why your team deserves a centralized, cloud-based patent management platform that lowers risk, streamlines collaboration, and provides the crucial insights needed to maintain a strong patent portfolio.

Throughout each stage of the patent lifecycle—from innovation management to maintenance decisions, licensing agreements to portfolio forecasting— AQX® Corporate promotes collaboration, quality, speed, and decision support data and analysis. Docketing, patent analytics, prosecution, infringement and conflict tracking, spend data and more are all integrated on a single powerful platform.

Reduce Docketing Risk and Ensure Data Integrity

Securing and maintaining patents in countries around the world can be a complex task, especially as your company’s portfolio grows. With AQX Patent Management, you benefit from automated processes and workflows that eliminate tedious manual and repetitive steps that can lead to data errors or missed deadlines.

Rely on the powerful Anaqua Law Engine, which maintains country-specific IP legal rules in every jurisdiction for all IP types and automatically triggers workflow prompts when conditions are met.

  • Reduce docketing time via integrations with various patent offices including USPTO, JPO, EPO, and CNIPA

  • Review your team’s current docketing workload and critical tasks with an easy-to-use configurable dashboard and flexible calendar views

  • Easily run retrieval of your global active portfolio on a scheduled basis to keep data accurate

  • Automatically identify and docket Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) coming from your examiner using AI-driven processing so that you don't miss deadlines and reduce errors

Every patent record can be categorized based on internal pre-configured taxonomies, and any number of classifications, or tags, can be added to a record at any and every stage of the lifecycle for flexible and powerful reporting

Create Stronger Quality Patents with Confidence

For patent attorneys, keeping abreast of the company’s innovation efforts and creating high quality, enforceable patents are paramount. Patent records capture all critical information including electronic documents and email correspondence, as well as links to related agreements, conflicts and other records.

  • Work more efficiently with outside counsel by providing secure access to their assigned cases, including all related documents

  • Save hours of drafting time and create stronger patent applications using AQX's Rowan Patents module, which checks for quality and automates routine preparation tasks

  • Conduct thorough due diligence by searching, collecting, and linking related patent art across one or more patent families

AQX Patent Prosecution

Access Patent Analytics for Important Insights

Crafting high quality patents and maintaining a strong patent portfolio requires powerful analysis – of your own patent matters and that of competitors. With AQX, this intelligence is at your fingertips with integrated AcclaimIP™ Patent Analytics. Search and extract insights across over 150 million patent documents from over 100 countries. The numerous benefits enable you to:

  • Conduct side-by-side competitive benchmarking against your own patent data, or explore technical and competitive landscape dashboards for a technology area or CPC code

  • Sharpen your responses to US Office actions with a Prosecution Analytics Report that reveals the past behavior of the patent examiner, as well as art unit, law firm and company behavior

  • Identify patent trends in a specified technology, including key players, number of patents, and component technologies covered in a given technical area

  • Determine which patents to renew more easily with Annuity Decision Reports, which automatically assemble comparative data analysis, patent scores, and show historic trends

Monitor Your Patent Portfolio and Chart Your Strategy

Patent portfolio managers need a broad overview of the assets they manage with the ability to easily drill down into details and share reports with other decision makers. AQX’s patent portfolio management was built with input from IP teams around the globe to provide the immediate and long-term insights required for effective oversight and planning.

  • Create a personalized AQX Home page to track critical tasks and determine the best value for your limited IP budget. View productivity, monthly invention submissions against goal, outside counsel performance, global and country filing details, and much more

  • Monitor IP spending vs. budget to inform patent pruning decisions

  • Analyze a set of patent records with a particular use case in mind such as acquisition, sale, licensing, infringement analysis, and more

  • Get a cost estimate for an entire portfolio by easily exporting a set of records into Anaqua’s Global IP Estimator Portfolio software

By integrating patent and portfolio management data in ANAQUA, the businesses are much better served with increased visibility of real-time portfolio information, efficiencies in portfolio reviews, and more accurate forecasting capability.”


Chief Patent Counsel, Manufacturing Company