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Portfolio Management

Deliver Value to Your Business with Advanced Tools for Strategic IP Portfolio Management


Managing your intellectual property (IP) assets using IP portfolio management software gives clear visibility at both a micro and macro level. AQX® IP Portfolio Management Software empowers you to define and quantify IP objectives and evaluate your portfolio from different perspectives.

It helps you organize and manage your IP portfolios, benchmark against competition, make informed decisions with industry-leading analytics dashboards, and maximize value to your business.

Figure 1 : Organize your IP portfolio by product, technology, business unit or country
Figure 1 : Organize your IP portfolio by product, technology, business unit or country

Organize and Prioritize Your Most Valuable IP Assets

A powerful IP portfolio management software enables you to organize your IP portfolios to improve the decision-making process and operational efficiency. AQX supports your portfolio management team with the tools to easily classify, prioritize, and evaluate your strategic IP assets.

  • Enhance your decision-making process by classifying and organizing your IP portfolios with parameters such as product, technology, business unit, filing date, and country

  • Prioritize your strategic IP portfolios with a diverse set of project reviews such as defensive, offensive, standard reviews, and monetization and transaction opportunities

  • Improve operational efficiency by adding IP assets in bulk to create new portfolio or update any existing IP portfolios

Make Data-Driven IP Portfolio Decisions

It can be challenging to find the data insights you need for immediate and long-term portfolio decisions. Making great IP decisions requires a deep dive into vast amounts of relevant data from various sources.

With AQX, enhance your IP portfolio management with a comprehensive overview of your assets in dynamic dashboards, empowering your team to view the data instantaneously to make informed decisions.

  • Review your portfolio assets with business, R&D, product, and other teams to make strategic decisions based on parameters such as approval status, project priority, or average and relative patent score from AcclaimIP™

  • Stay on top of critical tasks and metrics such as productivity, monthly invention submissions, outside counsel performance, global and country filing details, and much more

  • Manage your budget effectively by monitoring the global IP costs for your entire portfolio or a selected set of IP families

Figure 2 : Make effective IP decisions using data such as IP cost estimates and spend analysis
Figure 2 : Make effective IP decisions using data such as IP cost estimates and spend analysis
Figure 3 : Benchmark your IP portfolio against competitor portfolios
Figure 3 : Benchmark your IP portfolio against competitor portfolios

Assess Your Own IP Portfolio and Benchmark Against Competitors

Gain a competitive edge for your business with the research insights you get from the AQX IP Management platform. Our unique actionable intelligence and data visualization of IP portfolios helps you identify opportunities and minimize infringement risks. You can explore collaboration opportunities with potential partners and benchmark your IP portfolio against your competitors.

  • Compare and benchmark your IP portfolio against competitor portfolios using the same parameters as your internal classifications leveraging integrated AcclaimIP patent analytics

  • Analyze internal or external (competitor) patent data using patent scoring algorithms and forward examiner rejections in an award-winning business intelligence environment

  • Evaluate enforceability or freedom to operate by conducting offensive and defensive reviews of your IP portfolios

Maximize the Value of Your IP Portfolio

Use patent analysis to unlock the potential of your valuable IP assets through monetization opportunities such as patent sales or licensing. AQX enables you to gain a holistic view of internal and external assets to effectively and efficiently identify, evaluate, and manage licensing and monetization opportunities, such as merger and acquisition, patent sale, divestiture, and infringement analysis.

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity by efficiently managing contracts, NDAs, and agreements through configurable workflows and integrated document management system

  • Gain a comprehensive view of agreements through dashboards, ensuring a single source of truth with tasks, links to related IP records, and flags for encumbered patents

  • Ensure compliance throughout the contract lifecycle by having automated workflows and profile- and role-based security for both in-house and external counsel

  • Identify potential licensing opportunities with insights and alerts from AcclaimIP patent analytics, such as forward rejection alerts and abandonment data

Managing your global ip portfolio
Figure 4 : View trademark portfolio reports and track KPIs
Figure 4 : View trademark portfolio reports and track KPIs

Manage Your Trademark Portfolios and Protect Your Brands

Reviewing and analyzing your trademark portfolio holistically from different angles, such as product, brand, and business unit, is often difficult. AQX Trademark Management, with its interactive dashboards, helps you stay updated with a global view of brands, products, licenses, and outside activities, such as infringement or potential counterfeiting.

  • View and report on the hierarchy of brands, trademarks, and country applications and track KPIs for your trademark portfolio, IP budgets, and spending

  • Protect your brands by reporting and tracking suspected counterfeits and cross-referencing them with your litigation matters

  • Increase efficiency by streamlining workflows and work processes with automated systems, such as automated trademark search and clearance activity tracking and bulk data migration into AQX with your own classifications