ANAQUA Law Firm: Business Development

Attorneys can transform business development from an afterthought to the primary mission. Implementation of safe, automated, and efficient prosecution can free up firm resources to focus on higher value tasks that help to differentiate the firm, win new clients, and increase share of wallet with existing clients.

Data-Driven Business Development

Unique insights support informed development of new business with new and existing clients in areas where incumbents are weak. ANAQUA’s integrated analytics provide insight into clients, competitors, and landscapes, differentiating the firm and delighting clients and prospects. Data-Driven Business Development help law firms:

  • Identify and exploit areas of competitive strength
  • Become “Best in Class” in key art units and classes
  • Win new clients and increase share of wallet with existing clients
  • Benchmark performance against industry averages and competing firms
Data-Driven Business Development

Client Portal

Our Portal accepts requests, presents reports, and gives clients visibility into the status of their submissions. This improves efficiency and client satisfaction and reduces the burden on the firm of responding to client inquiries. With ANAQUA’s Client Portal, you can:

  • Securely deliver comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Keep clients informed of status and updates, reducing the need for reporting
  • Easily configurable forms to accept new work improves nimbleness
  • Optimized interface for infrequent users keeps it simple and gets submitters in and out with minimal fuss
Client Portal

Infringement Analysis & IP Litigation

Forward examiner rejection alerts and high-performance access to USPTO file wrapper documents inform decisions about infringement, licensing, competitive strategy, renewal, and abandonment, maximizing the value of client IP assets. With this service, you can:

  • Find patents with Novelty (§102) and Obviousness (§103) examiner citations that lead to abandonment and final rejection
  • Litigate and explore licensing opportunities with applicants who received these rejections
  • Avoid abandoning patents with hidden strength and identify pruning opportunities
  • Discover what others are trying to bring to market
Infringement Analysis & IP Litigation

Strategic IP Counseling

Holistic, accurate, real-time portfolio data and analysis keep clients’ IP aligned to their business. When you have a clear understanding of the markets and available opportunities, you can serve as an outsourced CIPO for your clients, bolstering loyalty. With Strategic Counseling, law firms are able to:

  • Lock in retainer or other alternative arrangements
  • Provide unique insight into the position of the client’s competition
  • Leverage portfolio management tools developed for corporate clients
  • Keep a seat at the table for strategic decisions
Strategic IP Counseling