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Achieve IP Operations Excellence and Cost Efficiency with PATTSY WAVE

Tags: Global IP Estimator (グローバルIPエスティメーター), ポートフォリオ管理, PATTSY WAVE (パッツィウェーブ)

In his new blog, Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Sales and Accounts, shares how the latest release of PATTSY WAVE®, Anaqua’s IP management software (IPMS), reduces the number of applications IP teams must maintain, streamlines IP operations, and maximizes the benefit of the tools your team relies on every day.


IP teams are often burdened by the need to manage intellectual property portfolios across multiple disconnected software tools. Your IP filing budgets could currently be in Excel spreadsheets, IDS references in a separate software application, and documents spread across different systems. 45% of legal operations respondents reported that they use between five and ten technologies in support of their legal processes (Deloitte State of Legal Operations 2021 p.16).


Additionally, it is time-consuming to maintain prior art references, store documents, and track IP budgets in multiple systems. And the potential mistakes stemming from the dual entry can create risks for you and your clients.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to manage IP costs effectively and decrease repetitive daily tasks to get more time back in your day?  Here’s how you can boost productivity and improve cost efficiency in PATTSY WAVE:


1. Forecast IP Costs from Your IP Management Software


Law firms and corporations have relied on Global IP Estimator® for decades as the most reliable resource for obtaining accurate and detailed IP filing cost estimates. Global IP Estimator provides comprehensive reports that include fees for all components of a filing program, including official PTO fees, prosecution fees, and ongoing maintenance. You can obtain detailed estimates for the most involved filing plans in a matter of minutes.


Global IP Estimator is now integrated with PATTSY WAVE, enabling IP teams to generate filing cost estimates seamlessly, directly from any patent or trademark record. Simply click the ‘Estimate’ option from the matter to open Global IP Estimator and pass the basic details of the filing application into Global IP Estimator. You can then select the desired countries and generate detailed cost estimate reports in formats that can be easily shared with clients and decision-makers.


The cost estimate reports are automatically saved and can be referenced whenever needed directly from the patent and trademark records in PATTSY WAVE (Fig.1).



Fig 1: Integrated cost estimates in PATTSY WAVE

2. Automate Prior Art Management and IDS Generation


Management of prior art for patent matters and generation of Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) is a time-consuming and arduous task, especially when managing these processes via manual spreadsheets. Your current IDS processes could be slowing your team down in a number of ways.


For each IDS, you need to prepare the form, search for references, and make sure everything is correct. With tight deadlines, it is easy to make a manual error. As your IP portfolio grows and the volume of IDS forms increases, it becomes more challenging to manage IDS submissions effectively.


The integrated IDS management solution in PATTSY WAVE enables IP teams to manage the entire process end-to-end. You can manage references, cross-cite prior art between related applications, track supplemental IDS requirements, and generate IDS forms with one click – all from within PATTSY WAVE (Fig. 2).


Figure 2: Integrated IDS management solution


The new release includes on-the-fly data validation to facilitate the entry of new prior art references. Automated data validation significantly reduces the manual effort of building lists of prior art references, making the entire process significantly easier and faster.


Further, when you’re working in PATTSY WAVE, you do not need to manually enter or transfer data to a 3rd party application. Not to mention, you save the expenses related to licensing additional IDS management software.


3. Streamline Your Routine IP Tasks


As PATTSY WAVE continues to evolve, new advanced automation tools are added to help IP practices manage more work without the need to increase resources. These tools are designed to work in harmony with each other, streamline your workflow, and provide powerful benefits to all members of your IP team.


The new Drag & Drop functionality ties a few key automation capabilities in PATTSY WAVE together. Some of the benefits include:


  • Efficiently process communications from foreign agents and clients by allowing users to quickly upload documents to newly docketed actions. This feature complements AutoDocket® & Download.
  • Easily load documents into patent and trademark matters and link them to action items.
  • Automatically synch any documents added to the system via Drag & Drop or AutoDocket®& Download to their corresponding workspaces in the DMS. When attorneys and paralegals view their Interactive Dockets, they can access these documents on the fly, and when they open them, the documents open from within the DMS.


Leading the Way for IP Operations Teams


We couldn’t be more excited to provide you with a comprehensive IP operations platform that will improve efficiencies and provide benefits in ways you hadn’t foreseen.


As a testament to our customer-driven efforts, PATTSY WAVE was recognized as a market leader and highly innovative in the Hyperion Global Partners 2022 MarketView™ Report (the most recent report) for streamlined docketing efficiency.  And G2 recently named PATTSY WAVE the LEADER, MOMENTUM LEADER, HIGHEST USER ADOPTION, AMERICAS LEADER, and AMERICAS SMALL BUSINESS LEADER in the Intellectual Property Law Firm Segment for Winter 2024.


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Written by Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Sales and Accounts