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Infographic: Optimize Your International IP Filing Process

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Our new infographic will help you understand why and how patent filers can significantly improve their international filing process with Anaqua:

Optimize Your International Patent Filing Process.

Protecting your IP globally is a critical part of an IP strategy.


Filing patents in multiple countries is cumbersome and costly. Certain jurisdictions require translations along with payment of fees in their currency which can be a significant additional cost. It's not just the costs though - it's also the extra time it takes.


87% of law departments leaders report that their department spends too much time one low-value, repetitive or routine tasks.1


Administrative work increases when growing an IP portfolio internationally. IP teams struggle to keep up with the administrative burden, see their IP budgets increase, and find themselves coordinating a network of foreign agents. As a company moves into new foreign jurisdictions, or expands filing in current jurisdictions, the workload naturally becomes more complex with additional prosecution deadlines and maintenance decisions.The additional administrative work can take away time from other key priorities.



Partner with Anaqua and See What's Possible

You can gain peace of mind, focus on your other IP priorities, and save 20-50% of your foreign filing costs by:


  • Accessing your global patent portfolio in a user-friendly portal with all your cases and IP documents pre-loaded.
  • Getting instant quotes on associated foreign filing costs to better budget and select international filing routes.
  • Sending instructions and tracking progression in the countries of your choice in just a few clicks via a one-stop-portal.


Find out how, with Anaqua's Foreign Filing Services, you can save time and money so that your IP can bring more value to your business.