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Part 2: How a Connected IP Management Software Impacts the Business

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In my last blog, I discussed the how frequently the software and systems IP professionals are using are not connected and the inefficiencies this is causing. Integrated software is not only about efficiency. By working on one IP management platform, IP leaders and their teams can make more informed decisions, determine when and what to automate, collaborate better with outside counsel and external partners, and standardize processes and data.


Integration enables business and IP leaders to have the intelligence they need at the right time, specific teams are alerted to a next step through an automated workflow, and manual routine activities such as the preparation of documents payment of maintenance fees and foreign filings are streamlined.


When IP executives and operations leaders have the intelligence in one comprehensive software, they are more likely to make informed decisions. Here I will share two examples of how the AQX® IP management platform enables our clients to be efficient and have a greater impact on their business.


  • If you are an attorney and want to better manage outside counsel, you can get visibility into their performance and other key metrics with our HyperView™ dashboards. You can also track your issuance rate and pendency period. If you get 73% issuance rate instead of 60%, that's going to drop your average cost per IP asset.

Fig. 2 HyperView dashboard showing Outside Counsel KPIs
  • If you are an IP portfolio manager and want to be able to determine which patents to keep or abandon, you may currently be spending hours manually pulling information together to try to reach a conclusion. With integrated AcclaimIP™ analytics in the AQX platform, you can access the Annuity Decision Report™.   This report includes a real-time patent analytics dashboard to surface key data to help you make patent annuity maintenance and abandonment decisions.


Integrated solutions help IP teams support and align with the business. As a result, you know from a business perspective what you need to best use resources and organize your budget. This puts you in a position to drive and steer IP and innovation that can have the most impact on the success of the company and give you a competitive advantage.


AQX Platform Innovation: Client-Driven Roadmap

Communicating with our clients and understanding their evolving needs allows Anaqua to quickly evolve the AQX platform. The AQX IP management platform includes: AcclaimIP™ analytics, Global IP Estimator®, Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity)™, Foreign Filing Services, Wise Time, and much more.


Clients using the AQX® IP management platform don’t need to switch from one system to another. They have more intelligence available to the right people at the right time, teams are notified to a next step through an automated workflow, intelligence drives decisions and decisions drive actions. Key decision makers throughout the company have the IP portfolio information they need to make decisions. The AQX platform is constantly evolving to maximize the benefit for our clients, giving them the most efficient legal decision-making tools to turn their intellectual property into value.


Find out more in the Hyperion 2022 VendorView™ Report.

Hyperion recently recognized the AQX Integrated Platform

as a Market Leader and Highly Innovative.

Written by: Vincent Brault, SVP of Product and Innovation