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Hyperion VendorView™ Report

AQX® Corporate Recognized as a Market Leader and Highly Innovative by Leading Research Firm


Intellectual property management software for law firms Hyperion award

The Hyperion VendorViewReport contains the AQX® Corporate review from the complete Hyperion MarketView™ Report. Anaqua, Inc. has been named a market leader and highly innovative in Hyperion 2022 MarketView™ Report for Intellectual Property Management Systems, including special recognition for IP business management, decision support analytics, integration platform, and customer driven roadmap.

  • IP Business Platform: AQX sets a standard for IPBM, providing a transformational set of capabilities for integrating an organization's legal, operational, and business stakeholders to identify, address, mitigate and resolve the challenges of IP.
  • Decision Support Analytics: Anaqua delivers class-leading analytic capabilities for IP Management, integrating content and technology to provide a contextual framework that supports IP decision-making.
  • Integration Platform: The Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity) acquisition adds to an already robust technology architecture, enabling the delivery of data throughout the enterprise, a key IPBM capability.
  • Customer Driven Roadmap: Distinctly innovative in their approach, Anaqua's product roadmap is spearheaded by a formally convened, multi-tiered assembly of client groups, each focused on specific product areas and time horizons.

Eyal Iffergan, Hyperion Founder and Managing Director, Epiq Legal Business Advisory, commented: "Anaqua has catalyzed the IP Business Management operational model, delivering a solution suite that drives the strategic value of IP. Given the innovative, customer-driven approach applied to product development, it’s not surprising that Anaqua’s AQX® platform provides a class-leading set of capabilities for integrating cross-functional stakeholders, including contextualized analytics for strategic decision-making."

Download the VendorView™ Report to learn more:

Hyperion MarketView™ Reports are a resource for understanding the trends, leading practices and solution options available to industry professionals. They impart a solid foundation of knowledge about the market so that organizations are able to achieve success in their selection and implementation process. 

You can purchase the complete Intellectual Property Management Systems report directly from Hyperion.


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