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How to Make International Patent Filing Easier with the AQX IP Management Platform: Part 2

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In part 2 of this blog series, learn more about how the AQX® IP management platform enables corporate IP teams to manage their global patent portfolios and foreign filings more efficiently to have a greater impact on the business.


International patent filing increases the administrative tasks for IP teams who already have limited time, resources, and bandwidth. Email volume continues to go up, filing data grows, and managing deadlines becomes increasingly difficult as a global patent portfolio expands. Finding efficiency gains is critical for team members managing foreign filing.


As companies seek IP management technology solutions to help in this area, those solutions must support the diverse needs of all company stakeholders and must align the IP portfolio with wider business goals. Team members who manage daily foreign filing tasks need tools to streamline their processes, while decision-makers must have big-picture information to drive portfolio strategy.


What if you could monitor a global patent portfolio, connect with trusted law firms worldwide, and tap into strategic insights - all while improving efficiency and reducing costs?


Here’s how you can in AQX…


Streamline and Automate Foreign Filing Processes


Once a company researches, evaluates, and decides on a course of action, it must act on those decisions.


Filing a single patent manually could involve sending 10-15 emails back and forth with your agents before you even begin docketing the information into your IP management software. With an integrated foreign filing solution, your team no longer has to spend countless hours sending emails, tracking emails, entering filing data, searching for filing records, and uploading documents.


Table 3. View Foreign Filing Services order statuses


Call-out-box: With one click in AQX, you can place an order with filing instructions for up to 500 records in less than 10 minutes.


All associated documents are automatically linked to the foreign filing instruction, including claims, and search history. Each type of document is stored in individual folders and smart form technology helps avoid redundancy. All your filing data and related documents such as translations, official receipts, and applications are automatically docketed on the record, which helps save time and eliminate clerical errors from manual entry.


Not only does automated filing streamline the initial application process, but it also gives your IP team full transparency, live tracking, and automated processes throughout the foreign filing lifecycle.


Monitor Your Global Patent Portfolio


When your foreign filing data is separately maintained outside of your IP management software, making foreign filing decisions can be very challenging. An integrated IP management platform containing all of your patent filing data empowers business and IP leaders to come together and make decisions on budgeting and filing that ultimately strengthen the portfolio.


In AQX Home, the main dashboard in our IP management platform, you can visualize the foreign filing process end-to-end. Your IP team can monitor the patent portfolio in real-time – seeing and managing everything from upcoming foreign filing spend to annuity services.


In short, all of the tools and information to help IP teams manage the entire patent portfolio effectively and make informed foreign filing decisions are connected to each other and available to your entire team.



Table 4. Status can be viewed either in each case or on the AQX Homepage


The Result – Foreign Filing Made Easy.

Mini Client Case Study: Putting It All Together

“One of our clients (a multinational manufacturing company) faced the challenge of effective use of resources in the R&D and patent prosecution groups. The R&D group weighs in heavily on the direction of the patent filing strategy since they know the technologies that are most important to the company.  They maintain a policy to always file for coverage of their most valuable patents in 15 key countries.


Anaqua collaborates with this client to pre-set the details related to filing in those 15 countries. The AQX IP management software pre-populates information for these countries, streamlining routine filings for the most important technologies. As a result, the innovation team is freed up to focus time and energy on new innovations while the patent prosecution team can focus on decisions to protect, strengthen, and streamline the overall IP portfolio.”


Partnering with Anaqua on Your Foreign Filing


Only with Anaqua can you have a powerful IP management platform with an integrated Foreign Filing Service. Partnering with Anaqua gives you visibility into your foreign filing data to drive successful IP management. With an integrated solution, you can manage your IP team’s workload, access better intelligence to make filing decisions and improve efficiency by freeing up time to focus on other IP work. All while knowing your IP portfolio is in expert hands with the best possible protection around the globe.