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PATTSY WAVE Earns Top Marks from G2 for Spring 2024

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PATTSY WAVE top reviews from customers
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PATTSY WAVE Continues to Receive Top Reviews from Customers - With Spring Badges from G2.

Recognition never gets old! Once again, PATTSY WAVE earns top marks from G2 for Intellectual Property Management Software, receiving three new badges for Spring 2024: The Highest User Adoption badge, the Leader badge, and the Momentum Leader badge.


For the eighth quarter in a row – PATTSY WAVE is rated #1 for Intellectual Property Management Software.


PATTSY WAVE earns this recognition by receiving positive reviews on G2 from verified users compared to similar products in the Intellectual Property Management Software category. The support and positive feedback from our customers drive this honor.

PATTSY WAVE® earns top marks from G2 for Intellectual Property Management Software. PATTSY WAVE Highest User Adoption Badge Spring 2024 G2. PATTSY WAVE Highest User Adoption Badge Spring 2024 G2. PATTSY WAVE Spring 2024 Leader Badge G2 PATTSY WAVE Highest User Adoption Badge Spring 2024 G2. PATTSY WAVE Spring 2024 Momentum Leader Badge G2


What sets PATTSY WAVE apart from other IP management software? User satisfaction, ease of implementation, relentless innovation, and customer trust help determine why IP Professionals rate it so highly.


Learn more about each badge and how users have rated PATTSY WAVE to earn top marks from G2 for Intellectual Property Management Software:


HIGHEST USER ADOPTION – An Ease-of-Implementation Score

We're delighted that PATTSY WAVE again earned the HIGHEST USER ADOPTION award. This implementation-related score factors in user satisfaction ratings for ease of implementation. We’re proud to earn this award for the second time in 2024!

LEADER IN THE GRID REPORT - A Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence Score

G2 recognized PATTSY WAVE as a LEADER on the GRID REPORT for IP management software for the eighth quarter in a row! A high customer satisfaction score and strong market presence determine placement on the grid. PATTSY WAVE has the most prominent Market Presence among products in Intellectual Property Management.

LEADER IN THE MOMENTUM GRID REPORT - A Social, Web, Employee and Review Score 

PATTSY WAVE also placed FIRST in the MOMENTUM Grid Report for the eighth consecutive quarter. The MOMENTUM GRID helps IP software buyers quickly find trending and top-rated products. In this report, factors influencing a product's momentum include social and web data, employee data, and reviews.

We’re committed to our customers and dedicated to solving their IP challenges. See what our customers are saying about PATTSY WAVE IP Management Software:



“Great support and continued innovation.”

- Verified User in Legal Services > 1000 employees



“Great tool and asset. User-friendly software that prevents the loss of IP rights for my clients!”

-Verified User in Legal Services 51-1000 employees



“Intellectual Property-Specific. All rules updated frequently. I see no downside”

-Verified User in Law Practice < 50 employees






PATTSY WAVE is a powerful automated docketing tool that helps IP operations run more efficiently, reduce risk, and improve accuracy. We designed it for intellectual property professionals looking for software to increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and making information available at their fingertips.  Key features include:

  • Intuitive Dashboards: Provide real-time visibility into your IP portfolios, efficiently manage the workload of your team, and track performance
  • Industry-leading Analytics: Make more data-informed portfolio decisions
  • AutoDocket® & Download: Make your IP operations more efficient
  • DMS Integrations: Streamline IP processes and better connect your IP data


And our latest release broadens the utility of PATTSY WAVE for your team. Key features in our latest release include:

  • Inventor Portal: Provides solid functionality for managing inventions/disclosures
  • New APIs: Allows move to a hosted environment
  • Unlimited Responsible Parties: Allowing any number on a matter
  • Specialized Roles: Create roles and steer reminders to responsible individuals
  • Expanded Data Validation: Available in 75 countries for trademarks and 50 counties for patents


top honors from G2


We are grateful for the continued feedback from our customers that power these enhancements, and we heartily acknowledge and celebrate this continued and valued recognition. Learn more about PATTSY WAVE and see why IP professionals rely on it.