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Event Insight: IP Redefining Business Success

Originally posted on 11/27/2020 by Arjun Sajip,

On 10 November 2020, a panel of IP experts from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of expertise sat down with Leaders League and a sizeable audience to discuss how IP has been redefining business success.

The panelists were Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel, Project Manager of Corporate Patents at Danish pharmaceutical multinational Novo Nordisk; Maximin Gourcy, Group Intellectual Capital Manager at British packaging multinational DS Smith; Jean-Christophe Rolland, a partner at European IP law firm Gevers & Ores; and Vincent Brault, Senior Vice President of Product, Innovation and Marketing at Anaqua, a major IP service provider and software company.

Several key topics were on the agenda, followed by a Q&A session where questions from attendees were fielded. For those who would like to view the webinar in full, you can do so here. Follow the link below for atopic-by-topic rundown of what was covered.