O’Shea Getz Case Study

How One IP Firm Is Using Anaqua to Boost Productivity and Attract Top Talent

This case study explores the motivations behind one firm’s decision to implement an advanced IP Management System, key facets guiding their selection process and big-picture outcomes they strive to achieve as a result of the undertaking.

Read the case study to learn:

  • Why moving to an advanced IP Management System will enable the firm to more widely expand its potential case-load
  • How one paralegal was able to drastically reduce the time needed to generate a quarterly report - from several hours to several minutes
  • Why adding a more mobile friendly platform has enabled the firm to attract and retain top-performing attorneys

We wanted a platform that everyone could access wherever they are… One that would not hinder our ability to attract and retain top legal talent regardless of where they may be located.

Richard Getz, Patent Attorney, O'Shea Getz