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Innovating Together to Keep our Customers Ahead of the Game

by Bob Romeo, CEO, Anaqua

I am delighted to welcome customers and colleagues at Lecorpio to the Anaqua family. We believe that we are uniting the two top intellectual property management (IPM) software platforms in the market. Together, we are better equipped to meet the changing needs of our clients and the growing demand for intelligent IPM tools.

Technology, innovation, and customer service are deeply rooted in our DNA. As one team, we continue to innovate our market leading solutions that help our clients stay ahead of the game. Collectively, we represent over a thousand IP clients across the globe – including some of the most innovative – such as IBM, Google, Panasonic, Honda, BASF and Adobe. Today, our solutions manage up to 25% of the world’s IP, and this number only continues to grow.

Unlike many organizations who outsource their services, our combined company has experienced IP professionals on the ground in nine offices across the US, Europe and Asia, who are fully committed to helping corporations and law firms maximize their return on investment on innovation and IP management.

Anaqua and Lecorpio are committed to a shared mission and vision of providing best-in-class IP management software solutions to customers across the globe. We plan to deliver a new generation solution no-one else is able to offer: a truly smart IP platform that manages the workflow of the innovation lifecycle at every stage. It’s our ability to offer more that sets us apart from our global competitors. Leading functionality (developed in conjunction with our client community) gives our solutions the features and benefits that are unique to our products and provides IP owners with on-going return on investment.

Our track record of dependability, both in customer service, client success and technology support platform, helps us remain a financially viable partner to our customers.

By combining forces with Lecorpio, Anaqua is creating an IP software powerhouse that’s driving continued success for the company and for our clients around the world. Founded in 2004 by several leading international companies looking for a simple and effective IP management solution, we continue to work closely with our clients and seek consistent guidance and feedback in developing solutions that make work easier and simpler for them.

These are exciting times for our company and our clients as we embark together on a journey to create something new, different, and better than any product that exists in the market today. Our vision is to provide solutions that significantly enhance the way our clients manage IP and bring even greater value to the work they do.

I’m looking forward to the future of our organization and the value we can bring to our clients.