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Achieve Docketing Excellence

Designed for ease of use, so you can focus on more strategic IP work.

PATTSY WAVE ® is a powerful docketing software that is used by nearly 200 law firms and corporations around the globe. Its unmatched IP business logic makes it the ideal choice for IP professionals who need technology they can rely on. PATTSY WAVE is designed to increase operational efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce the complexity of managing IP with an innovative, single-screen design.

Gain Efficiency

PATTSY WAVE is designed with an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency for law firms and corporations. AutoDocket® & Download – just one of the powerful automation features – automatically dockets incoming US patent and trademark activity, ensures that the corresponding documents are saved against any matter, and triggers workflow actions that match your internal practices. This tool links your IP management software with Private PAIR and TSDR in a way that mitigates risk and improves the efficiency of your entire practice.

Efficiency and accuracy are crucial for IP departments—AutoDocket® & Download turns a 10-12 step process for every e-office action into a 3-step one.

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Improve accuracy and increase efficiency with powerful IP business logic


Simplify prior-art management by cross-citing references between family members or similar technology areas


Generate new or supplemental IDS forms in one simple step


Enhance visibility into your IP portfolio with flexible, bi-directional integration with your document management software

Reduce Risk & Improve Accuracy

Connect to PTOs Worldwide

PATTSY WAVE’s Web Data Validation tools provide unrivaled integration with international patent and trademark databases. Not only does the feature impart peace of mind, but the validation is tied in with PATTSY WAVE’s internal automation in a way that saves time and improves accuracy.

Web Data Validation uses information available on patent and trademark websites around the world, including the USPTO (PAIR & TSDR), CIPO, WIPO (PCT & Madrid), EPO, EUTM and many more, to both enter and validate data entered in PATTSY WAVE.  The pairing of Data Validation with PATTSY WAVE’s powerful filing assistants, reduces time of entering both new and historical filings.

PATTSY WAVE’s Mass Compare feature lets users scan all matters in their U.S. patent portfolio to identify and reduce any discrepancies with the corresponding Private PAIR data.

Minimize Risk with Anaqua Services

PATTSY WAVE software is fully integrated with the Anaqua Renewal Services to provide a complete IP management solution. This integration makes current and complete renewal data available directly from your patent and trademark matters.  The automated data exchanges ensure that important bibliographic data and payment instructions are properly communicated with the payment service in a timely fashion, so your patent annuities and trademark renewals are paid on time.


Reduce risk of manual entry errors with automated data exchange between PATTSY WAVE and your renewals service


Improve client satisfaction with transparency into renewals processes and payments


Save time by making renewal instructions directly in a patent and trademark record in PATTSY WAVE

Elevate IP Teams

Docketing teams manage extensive deadlines, oversee a high volume of incoming correspondence, and need to ensure the accuracy of IP data. PATTSY WAVE frees your IP team so they can focus on more strategic IP work. Streamline your docketing process with:


Browser-based interface and powerful querying tools


Quick Reports Writer for custom, interactive reporting - create, customize, and print reports that are both powerful and user-friendly


One-click email and letter correspondence for clients, foreign associates, and outside counsel.


One-click USPTO PDF fillable forms

Simplify IP Docketing

PATTSY WAVE is designed for ease of use, so you can focus on more strategic IP work. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the design have been loved by customers for decades and reflect an unwavering commitment to client success and operational efficiency.


Designed for ease of implementation, ease of use, and ease of maintenance


Flexible IP software - you make the decisions about how to implement it


Support from IP specialists - our team has both IP knowledge and technical expertise to support law firms and corporations in implementing and maintaining their IP management software

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