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AQX Law Firm: Leading the Way in Intellectual Property Management for Law Firms

IP Business Management
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AQX Law Firm: Leading the Way in Intellectual Property Management

Why AQX Law Firm is Leading the Way in Intellectual Property Management for Law Firms

AQX Law Firm, Anaqua's intellectual property management software for law firms, helps you provide your clients with insight into their IP portfolios to help them make informed business decisions.

With AQX Law Firm, you can:

  • Optimize your IP operations
  • Improve collaboration
  • Become a trusted partner with your clients
  • Manage and grow your business

Learn more about AQX Law Firm and see why IP law firm professionals like you use it to simplify their workflow.

Watch the video to see why IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, and docketers rely on AQX Law Firm.


AQX Law Firm Leading the Way In Intellectual Property Management

Hyperion Global Partners Recognizes AQX Law Firm as a Market Leader in Intellectual Property Management

Anaqua, Inc. was named a market leader and highly innovative in the Hyperion 2022 MarketView™ Report. This report is the most recent report for Intellectual Property Management Systems. It includes special recognition for IP business management, decision support analytics, integration platform, and customer driven roadmap:

  • IP Law Firm Platform: AQX sets the standard for IP firms, providing a transformational set of capabilities for integrating an organization's legal, operational, and client stakeholders
  • Decision Support Analytics: Anaqua delivers class-leading analytic capabilities for IP Management, integrating content and technology to provide a contextual framework that supports IP decision-making
  • Integration Platform: The Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity) acquisition adds to an already robust technology architecture, enabling the delivery of data throughout the enterprise, a key IPBM capability
  • Customer Driven Roadmap: Distinctly innovative in their approach, Anaqua's product roadmap is spearheaded by a formally convened, multi-tiered assembly of client groups, each focused on specific product areas and time horizons