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PATTSY WAVE 8: Work Faster with Automation and Seamless Collaboration Tools

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Anaqua is proud to announce the latest release of PATTSY WAVE® – a result of valuable customer feedback that has fueled significant enhancements that will benefit IP teams at law firms and corporations. The new capabilities and integrations in this release will improve the efficiency of your operations and extend the benefits of PATTSY WAVE to even more of your organization.

1. Inventor Portal with Automated Workflow

The new Inventor Portal in PATTSY WAVE streamlines the processing of inventions within your organization. From submission to review to decision to award management, the portal helps manage the full lifecycle of inventions. The Inventor Portal can be tailored to meet your business needs and ensures important information is passed to appropriate individuals. Key features include:

  • Invention submission: Your inventors can access the portal, where they can complete invention disclosure statements in an easy-to-use interface. Data and documents related to new inventions can be entered and submitted to the legal team for efficient processing and review. Inventors can keep track of disclosures they’ve submitted and any patents that derive from them.
  • Customizable questions for inventors: Organizations can create a customized set of questions that are tailored to their business needs and technology area.
  • Automated invention workflow: Invention disclosures are completed and submitted by the inventor, which automatically records the invention in PATTSY WAVE and auto-triggers the invention management workflow. This workflow can be configured to match your team’s internal practices, ensuring that all inventions are brought to the attention of the appropriate individuals within your legal team.
  • Inventor awards: Track incentives and awards data pertaining to inventors and inventions. Legal teams can run reports detailing eligibility, amounts, and disbursements that are either outstanding or completed.


The Inventor Portal is useful for law firms in streamlining innovation processes with their clients. Law firms can give their corporate clients access to the Inventor Portal so they can provide details of the inventions they want to file. Law firms can then evaluate the patentability of an invention, collaborate with their clients, and convert the inventions to patent filings when they are ready.

Figure 1: The Inventor Portal of PATTSY WAVE helps you easily capture and review inventions and manage inventor awards.

2. APIs to Share Data from PATTSY WAVE with External Applications

The release of PATTSY WAVE’s APIs will provide a standard, reliable mechanism to share data with external applications. Clients will be able to retrieve bibliographic and action data from any of PATTSY WAVE’s primary modules. The APIs will also make it possible to share data from PATTSY WAVE when it is installed in Anaqua’s hosted environment.

  • Access bibliographic and actions data from the Patent, Trademark, General, and License modules.
  • Query data based on endpoints such as all matters added or modified in a date range, all matters for a client or business unit, or all matters for a country.
  • Query database using “fuzzy find” for near matches, with or without punctuation, to identify desired records.

3. Unlimited Responsible Parties and Customizable Roles


PATTSY WAVE Version 8 allows organizations to assign an unlimited number of responsible parties to any matter. Teams can define the roles that apply to their organization, such as billing, supervising, or working attorney and/or formalities, prosecution paralegal, etc. The responsible parties can all be assigned to one of three priority levels, so that actions can be suppressed from an individual’s dockets when applicable.


In addition to the unlimited responsible parties, specialized roles can be created and associated with the Action Categories feature. Action categories provide a mechanism to group certain actions together. This provides an easy-to-implement process for directing specific actions (e.g., foreign filing deadlines or renewal specialist) to individuals in those roles. When those individuals run their dockets, they will only see reminders that are associated with their category/role.

4. Data Validation, Interactive Docketing, and More


For over 30 years the PATTSY WAVE team has collaborated with clients to develop an industry-leading IP management platform that responds to the diverse needs of IP teams. There are many other client driven enhancements included in this release.


Some of the key enhancements include:

  • Expanded Data Validation: Data validation using Anaqua’s AcclaimIP™ database has been expanded to 75 countries for trademarks and 50 countries for patents.
  • Interactive Docketing: New functionality has been added to the Interactive Dockets to allow users to filter between statutory and final-only dockets on the fly.
  • Detailed Assignment History: Users can now manage a detailed assignment history within any patent or trademark in the dedicated Assignment Tab.

Evolving to Solve Modern Day IP Challenges 


The PATTSY WAVE platform is intuitive and automated with built-in IP business logic designed to make IP operations more efficient, reduce risk, and improve accuracy. This new release of PATTSY WAVE broadens the scope of Anaqua’s automated docketing platform to benefit more parts of your organization. From providing your team with direct access to inventors, seamless invention review processes, mechanisms for easy data sharing, and convenient reminder systems, you can collaborate more effectively in managing IP and innovation. These changes will help your team get more out of PATTSY WAVE and bring efficiency to more of your practice and IP operations.


Hyperion Global Partners has recognized PATTSY WAVE as a leader in streamlined docketing efficiency and for its customer driven roadmap. Additionally, for eight consecutive quarters, PATTSY WAVE has earned top marks as a leader in Intellectual Property Management Software from G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.


If you are a current PATTSY WAVE client, contact us at to upgrade. You can also learn more in the upcoming PATTSY WAVE webinars: