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PATTSY WAVE® – An Integrated Docketing Platform for IP Operations Leaders

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Updated on July 17, 2024.


The recent release of PATTSY WAVE® 8 marks four years since Anaqua acquired PATTSY WAVE in June 2020. The last few years have been exciting as the automated docketing software has gone from strength to strength, bolstered by investments and integrations. Working closely with our customers on a customer-driven roadmap, we continue to drive Anaqua's IP docketing software forward.

IP operations teams often spend time switching between disparate applications and re-entering data from one application to another. This reduces the efficiency and accuracy of docketing processes. At Anaqua, our goal is to integrate PATTSY WAVE with more of the systems your team relies on. With the new release of PATTSY WAVE, the software has evolved into an integrated docketing platform that helps you improve collaboration, reduce inefficiencies, and make better decisions.


Top 5 Integrations in PATTSY WAVE that Make IP Docketing Easier


1. WiseTime & PATTSY WAVE Billing


IP law firms often spend considerable time on billing and timekeeping activities such as time recording, entering charges, applying complex billing rules, and drafting invoices. Integration with WiseTime®, our autonomous AI-driven timekeeping app, and custom-built PATTSY WAVE Billing solution enables automated time tracking and invoicing. As a result, you will be able to capture lost billable hours, reduce admin and manual work, save time, and increase efficiency. PATTSY WAVE Billing has a modern and intuitive UI that helps you effortlessly manage complex charge rules, automatically apply those rules and hierarchy, and easily make final invoice adjustments.


2. Global IP Estimator


Law firms and corporations have relied on Global IP Estimator® to generate accurate and detailed IP filing cost estimates for over thirty years. With its integration into PATTSY WAVE, IP teams can now generate filing cost estimates directly from any patent or trademark record. With just a few clicks in PATTSY WAVE, you can generate detailed cost estimate reports in formats that can be easily shared with clients and decision-makers. The cost estimate reports include fees for all components of a filing program, including official PTO fees, prosecution, and maintenance fees.


3. Application Integration


Integration with Document Management Systems (DMS) using the API-based PATTSY WAVE Sync securely synchronizes content and meta-data between PATTSY WAVE and your on-premise or cloud DMS, such as NetDocuments and iManage.

You can configure one-way or two-way synchronization per the workflow requirements of your IP operations. Documents, correspondence, and client communications uploaded to PATTSY WAVE matters or the USPTO communications added via AutoDocket® & Download will automatically synchronize with your DMS.


4. Anaqua Payment Services


Integrations with the Anaqua Payment Services for patent annuities and trademark renewals have helped our clients manage payments, simplify decision-making, mitigate risks, and execute electronic data exchanges within PATTSY WAVE. They also love the quality of the service, competitive fees, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their annuities and renewals are taken care of.

In a recent client interview, Grainne Smith, Product IP Counsel at IMDEX, highlighted how beneficial payment services integration is for her team. She mentioned:


“We’re also using Anaqua Services for our annuities and renewals, which is fully integrated with PATTSY WAVE. It’s so helpful just to be able to jump in and check if something is scheduled or if something is being paid. Every now and then, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be like, “Oh no, have I missed a payment?” Then I quickly look on PATTSY WAVE and realise that it’s all under control.”


5. AcclaimIP Analytics


Integration with AcclaimIP helps you access cutting-edge patent analytics directly from any patent matter within PATTSY WAVE. The AcclaimIP integration provides one-click access to tools that help evaluate the strength of a patent within its industry using patent scores, key indicators, and benchmarks. AcclaimIP dashboards from PATTSY WAVE support IP teams and their clients with data and analytics to make strategic portfolio decisions such as patent annuity maintenance or abandonment decisions.


AcclaimIP integration provides one-click access to cutting-edge patent analytics

Figure 1: AcclaimIP integration provides one-click access to cutting-edge patent analytics


Client’s Feedback Helps Us Drive Innovation Further


PATTSY WAVE is the centerpiece of our client's IP operations processes. With improved integration capabilities, adding additional tools that support your team becomes as easy as adding different pieces to a puzzle. You can seamlessly integrate these tools whenever you need them.

With the new release of PATTSY WAVE, you now have more powerful features to improve collaboration and streamline your IP operations today and into the future. A few of the new features include:

  • Inventor Portal with automated workflow to manage the entire lifecycle of innovation, from submission to review to decision to award management
  • APIs for seamless data sharing with external applications
  • Unlimited responsible parties and specialized roles to steer reminders directly to responsible individuals


Close collaboration with clients in the continuous improvement process and a commitment to innovation have led PATTSY WAVE to become a global leader in IP docketing software.


As a result, Hyperion Global Partners has recognized PATTSY WAVE as a leader in streamlined docketing efficiency and for its customer-driven roadmap. Additionally, for eight consecutive quarters, PATTSY WAVE has earned top marks as a leader in Intellectual Property Management Software from G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. PATTSY WAVE was recently recognized as a Momentum Leader Summer 2024, Higher User Adoption Summer 2024, and Leader Summer 2024.

Written by: Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Sales and Accounts at Anaqua