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PATTSY WAVE® – An Integrated Docketing Platform for IP Operations Leaders

IP Business Management
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Since Anaqua acquired PATTSY WAVE back in June 2020, the automated docketing software has gone from strength to strength, bolstered by investment and integrations. We are continually moving the software forward with client input and strategic development choices.  I’m excited to share the recent product developments and how the software continues to evolve as an integrated docketing platform.


Streamlined Docketing Efficiency


Open collaboration with our clients has steered product development toward integrations that will provide seamless communication between PATTSY WAVE and complementary applications; and expand the benefits of the software to more professionals within your organization.  The new integrations in PATTSY WAVE will help attorneys and paralegals work more efficiently and provide a single-access point to the tools your team relies on every day.


  • The first integration we addressed when we joined the Anaqua family was with the Anaqua Payment Services for patent annuities and trademark renewals. Our customers love the electronic data exchanges and the ability to manage payments from within PATTSY WAVE. They also love the quality of the service and the competitive fees!
  • Next was the integration with Document Management Software (DMS). This was our chance to collaborate with our colleagues at Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity). The initial release of the DMS integration is compatible with NetDocuments and iManage.  And that is just the start!  One of the benefits of having Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity) as part of the Anaqua family is that they are experts at integrating with dozens of other systems, so we plan to build integrations with other document management systems in the future.
  • We’ve also added integration with AcclaimIP, so PATTSY WAVE users have access to cutting-edge patent analytics directly from any patent matter. The AcclaimIP integration provides one-click access to tools that help evaluate the strength of a patent within its industry, assist with annuity pruning decisions, and help practitioners research and identify patents with similar technologies.  The access to AcclaimIP dashboards from PATTSY WAVE provides IP teams with tools and data that help them and their clients, make key decisions about matters in their portfolio.
  • Anaqua’s longstanding partnership with Rowan TELS has now been extended to include PATTSY WAVE. Integration with the Rowan Patents module, which includes Rowan Analytics and Rowan Prosecution, provides platform users with tools that facilitate the evaluation of office actions and automate the preparation of corresponding responses.


The feedback we’ve received from clients is very positive. They are delighted to discover that the tools they’ve been using for years are now accessible from one place. Clients have mentioned that previously the software they were using was in all different places with different logins. Now they can access everything they need in PATTSY WAVE, communicate with staff and docketing team members easier, and connect their document management system to their IP management software.


Everything You Need in One Place


Our goal at Anaqua is to continue integrating and developing PATTSY WAVE with more of the systems that your team relies on. This ensures IP teams don’t need to waste time navigating to disparate applications or re-keying data from one application to another. And the shared data helps IP teams collaborate, make better decisions, and reduce inefficiencies. New integrations that are right around the corner include:


  • WiseTime - Enables PATTSY WAVE customers with a seamlessly integrated solution for automated time capture and invoice production.
  • Global IP Estimator - Provides turnkey cost estimation for patents, trademarks, designs, and more.
  • Anaqua Foreign Filing Services - Allows customers to file PCT national phase applications and EP validations at lower costs and with the click of a button!
  • Connectivity – Helps integrate with third-party financial systems such as Aderant and Elite 3E.


PATTSY WAVE is the centerpiece of our client’s IP management processes, so adding additional tools that support your team becomes as easy as activating additional modules.  It's like adding different pieces to a puzzle, so whatever you need whether it’s now or in the future, you can just pull these pieces in. We're continuing to evolve PATTSY WAVE to provide more powerful interactions with tools that will elevate law firms and corporations and streamline their docketing practices today and into the future.


To find out more, download the 2022 Hyperion Report. PATTSY WAVE was recently recognized as a Market Leader for streamlining docketing efficiency.

Written by: Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Sales and Accounts at Anaqua