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PATTSY WAVE: A Roadmap for the Future

Patent Management | Trademark Management

It’s been just over a year since PATTSY WAVE joined the Anaqua family. The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for the PATTSY WAVE team and there’s much more to come.

Article by: Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Law Firm Products and Accounts

When Anaqua acquired PATTSY WAVE in June 2020, there was a recognition that it was a great product with a dedicated customer base, but there were several investments that could be made in the software that would help us meet more of the evolving demands in the IP industry. This culminated in several significant initiatives right out of the gate.  While it has been a very busy time for our team, I am excited to announce that with Anaqua’s resources and expertise behind us, we’ve completed four of the most ambitious objectives:

  • Integration with Anaqua’s Annuity Payment Service
  • Building a Hosting Environment for PATTSY WAVE customers
  • Integration with Document Management Software
  • Refreshed User Interface

And we won’t stop there! We are currently working on a new release of PATTSY WAVE, which will make the new user interface available for all our customers. And over the next month or so, we’ll introduce the new PATTSY WAVE dashboards and integration with AcclaimIP!

Acquisitions and integrations

Now that I’ve had some experience in the Anaqua world, it has become clear how Anaqua endeavors to meet the needs of all its customers with an ever-growing suite of products and service offerings. Anaqua doesn’t arbitrarily acquire companies in the industry – each company is selected because they have an established and effective offering and because they will help us provide the kinds of solutions that will help our customers, now and in the future.

The recent acquisitions of Global IP Estimator (cost estimation) and Actio IP (foreign filing) are great examples of this strategy.  Global IP Estimator is the most well-known and trusted cost estimation tool in the IP industry. Actio provides the quickest and most cost-effective way for filing PCT national phase and EP validations around the world. Not only can we offer these types of services to our customers, but they’ll be fully integrated with PATTSY WAVE, so clients will have access to the tools they need at their fingertips and will realize unprecedented functional and time-saving benefits.

With this in mind, perhaps the acquisition of Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity) might seem surprising, as its involvement in the IP industry is less obvious than Anaqua’s other acquisitions. We chose Connectivity to partner with because their products specialize in helping to share data and documents between disparate applications. Their tools and expertise were invaluable in building PATTSY WAVE’s DMS integration and going forward, their team will help us build integrations with matter management and financial systems that will provide clients with unprecedented functional and time-saving benefits.


Anaqua’s ambition and willingness to invest in building cutting-edge solutions is truly unparalleled.  I’m incredibly excited for the future of PATTSY WAVE within the Anaqua family. We are working tirelessly to improve the tools in PATTSY WAVE and provide connections with all of Anaqua’s products and service offerings. Going forward, not only will PATTSY WAVE be the premier tool for managing your patent and trademark prosecution portfolios, but it will provide at-your-fingertips access to some of the most powerful IP solutions on the market.

Find out more about PATTSY WAVE here.