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Pragmatic Prosecution Analytics

IP Strategy

This 45-minute webinar offers proven steps to guide patent practitioners along the best path with the highest success rate during the patent application and examination process.

Benjamin Brown, Senior IP Counsel for Onto Innovation and Erik Reeves, Chief Technology Officer for Anaqua show how seasoned practitioners use external data like a scouting report to:

    • Prepare for engagement with the art unit and examiner
    • Use accurate data to level-set expectations about timeline and budget with business units
    • Make data-driven decisions about selecting Outside Counsel best suited for the work
    • Draw inspiration from examples of relevant successful office action responses.


Use cases drawn from our client community highlight situations where examiner and art unit analytics, combined with internal data, inform smart prosecution decisions.


Benjamin Brown, Senior IP Counsel, Onto Innovation
With more than 15 years of experience in the IP field and 8 years as an in-house attorney, Benjamin Brown has been an advocate for enhancing IP outcomes using processes and data.  He has spoken extensively on partnering with outside counsel and using data to improve IP strategy and budgeting.  Ben currently leads the IP legal function at Onto Innovation, a semiconductor equipment company, where he counsels business leaders and employees on a wide range of matters including IP, commercial, agreements, licensing, and litigation issues.


Erik Reeves, Chief Technology Officer, Anaqua

Erik leads the global engineering and QA teams at Anaqua, across all software product lines. He is championing the deep integration of data analytics, decision support, and AI in Anaqua and continuous improvement in the software platform through UI/UX modernization, automation, and leveraging the full extended capabilities across our product ecosystem. Erik brings deep IP data domain experience to his role and guides the technical strategy to fulfill a vision of data intelligence and decision support unparalleled in the IP market.

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