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The next generation of PATTSY WAVE

IP Business Management
Tags: Docketing Automation

In my last blog, I discussed how Anaqua’s ambition and willingness to invest in building cutting edge solutions is truly unparalleled. With that in mind, I’m incredibly excited to announce the new release of PATTSY WAVE! The new release is the culmination of many months of development and significant investment in the software. It includes major updates that are focused on helping your team cull more value out of your data and significantly improve the user experience. Read on to find out more about the new features and integrations in PATTSY WAVE.

Real-time visibility into IP portfolios

In the new release, we’ve added flexible, intuitive dashboards, to enable real-time IP portfolio visibility. The dashboards provide a more visual way of looking at data and the graphical reporting tools will give our clients a whole new perspective into their portfolio. In addition, the dashboards have been designed to empower your organization’s IP managers and administrators to track firm performance and improve productivity.

Portfolio Breakdowns

Slice and dice your IP portfolio with the simple click of a button. Administrators can review the geographical distribution of patents and trademark filings around the world, and they can gain a new perspective of the status and types of filings within the organization, for a client, an attorney, office location, or trademark goods class.

Workflow Management

Review a visual representation of your organization’s docket activity and understand the workload levels of your team. Filter upcoming deadlines to view only statutory actions or certain types of events. With the workload management dashboard, a firm manager can see how much work is on the plate of different individuals and the type of tasks they’re undertaking, so work can be assigned appropriately.

Performance Analysis

Key performance metrics will help measure the efficiency and success of your prosecution practice. Review the number of filings and applications granted over time, evaluate key statistics such as average time to file, how long it’s taking to prosecute applications, and the number of office actions per filing.  Then break down these statistics by client, business group, attorney, office location, and more.

Cross-Module / Oversight Report

At its core, this dashboard provides true cross-module reporting so users can view and access an entire portfolio for a client or business group from one place: patents, trademarks, general matters and license agreements. But this is also a tool where attorneys and administrators can quickly access recent activity and provide oversight for the firm at large.  An attorney can view all recent activity for matters in their portfolio and administrators can review work performed by specific docket. And much more!

Integration with industry-leading analytics

PATTSY WAVE will now be integrated with the powerful patent analytics that are provided by Anaqua’s AcclaimIP.  These tools will help firms and clients make key decisions about matters in their portfolio. All PATTSY WAVE users will have free access to the Prosecution Analysis Report (PAR), which provides insight regarding the strength of a patent within its technology area. Customers with a seat license for Acclaim IP will be able to take advantage of standard AcclaimIP features, such as Find Similar searches, with just one click from any patent record.

Clients with a premium license will be able to access the full slate of AcclaimIP offerings, including invaluable Prosecution Analytics (PRS), which helps professionals evaluate the likelihood of success for overcoming objections.

PATTSY WAVE's Next Generation

Seamlessly connect and access your IP data with DMS integration

We are thrilled to finally be able to offer this great solution for customers who want to improve document accessibility and ensure that all documents are maintained within their document management software. With the help of Anaqua’s Connectivity (formerly SeeUnity) team, we are now able to provide real-time, bi-directional integration with iManage and NetDocuments. Documents stored for PATTSY WAVE matters are automatically synced with your organization’s DMS and documents added to a workspace will by synced to the corresponding matter in PATTSY WAVE.

This interaction is a welcome complement for PATTSY WAVE’s AutoDocket® & Download feature. The AutoDocket® & Download feature runs an overnight process that detects documents in your USPTO Private PAIR and TSDR portfolios. When transactions are detected, it will automatically download the corresponding documents to the respective matters and docket the necessary reminders.

With the DMS integration, these documents are subsequently synced to the corresponding workspace in your DMS. Organizations can choose to keep documents in both PATTSY WAVE and in their DMS or to have those documents stored solely in their DMS.

A fresh new look

The new release of PATTSY WAVE also has an entirely revised user interface. Screens now use modern database objects and the overall system has a cleaner look and feel. While the new version has a completely new look, it’s still 100% PATTSY WAVE. Clients can enjoy using it immediately, with no interruption to their IP work.

Welcome to the future

PATTSY WAVE version 7 provides the most visually striking evidence of the remarkable investments Anaqua has made in the software since bringing us on board just over a year ago. The new release provides an improved overall user experience, empowers professionals to work with their data in ways that were never before possible, and helps firms and corporations with decision making about matters in their IP portfolio.

We truly believe that IP professionals will be delighted by all the new features and design enhancements. The new release of PATTSY WAVE makes it not only the premier tool for managing your patent and trademark prosecution portfolios, but it is now one of the most powerful IP solutions on the market.

PATTSY WAVE® is an intuitive, automated docketing software with built-in IP business logic designed to make IP operations more efficient, reduce risk, and improve accuracy. For over 30 years we have collaborated with our clients to develop an industry-leading IP management platform that responds to the diverse needs of IP operations teams. Our customers are law firms and corporations, small and large organizations, and manage patent or trademark portfolios.

Written by: Michael Frechtman, Senior Director, Law Firm Products and Accounts