Annuities and Renewals Services


Anaqua provides high quality, cost-effective services to support the entire IP lifecycle. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, our services scale to meet your needs. The ANAQUA SERVICES suite™ seamlessly integrates with Anaqua’s Unified IP Management platform. As a result, clients not only have fingertip access to these services, but they receive the added benefit of having them performed by a team of experts, highly experienced with Anaqua best practices.

Integrity, Efficiency and Unparalleled Value

Since 1994, Anaqua has provided best in class services to industry leaders like, Oil States International and Xerox Corporation.

We have refined our process efficiency to scale for portfolios of any size. At our core, we are committed to a high level of professional excellence and became the first global annuities and renewal service to ISO 9000 certify our process. Our efficiency, combined with our global processing volume, allows us to pass on significant cost savings.

Not only do we safely minimizing the expenses related to the administrative tasks but we free up your internal resources to perform higher value added services.

Data Sheet
ANAQUA Services Data Sheet
Working with ANAQUA Services, ANAQUA’s Patent, Trademark, and Design Modules provide portfolio reviews and payment decision workflows with the ability to interface to other annuity service providers as needed.

Focus more on IP strategy and less on IP administration

When used with one of the ANAQUA software solutions, annuity information is updated in ANAQUA electronically and past and future annuities information is available at the patent, family and portfolio level for cost analysis and projections. ANAQUA's portfolio management tools and reports help make faster, better informed decision on what to keep and what to lapse.

We were able to pay for our ANAQUA system just by leveraging the cost savings we experienced by switching to ANAQUA Services for annuities payments. We get the integration benefits, great services and we didn’t have to increase our budget or team.

Sherry Horton, IP Administrator at Oil States International

We’ll work with foreign associates or outside counsels to provide you cost saving in any country where patents, trademarks or designs can be filed. We cover all jurisdictions.

You can receive the compound benefits of utilizing Anaqua Services even if you don't use the Anaqua unified software platform. We offer a secure easy to use portal to track activities and manage your data. You can even use our SOAP service to integrate directly with our portal systems. Anaqua Services provides a stand alone best in class annuities and renewal service experience, that is even better when you use Anaqua IP.