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PRODUCTS: ideaPoint

Clinical Trial Data Sharing

ideaPoint has been a leader in technology solutions to support responsible clinical trial data sharing and transparency since January 1, 2014. We support both individual Data Sponsors looking to securely share clinical trial  data, as well as power the consortium, to support Multi-Sponsor data sharing requests. (CSDR) (CSDR) is a consortium of clinical study sponsors and funders. It is a leader in the data sharing community inspired to drive scientific innovation and improve medical care by facilitating access to patient-level data from clinical studies.

CSDR seeks to be the researcher-preferred and trusted platform for responsible sharing of high-quality patient-level data for the purpose of facilitating innovation data-driven research, leading to improvements in patient care. This will be accomplished through the facilitation of the responsible sharing of patient-level data from a range of clinical study Sponsors/Funders via a researcher-friendly platform, utilizing industry-leading practices, including an independent review of proposals and protection of patient privacy and confidentiality.

  • CSDR is a member-driven consortium of Data Sponsors

  • Thousands of studies listed, over 100 Disease Areas

  • Independent Review of Requests overseen by Wellcome Trust

  • Simple, easy to use website and request process

  • The most complete and trusted analytics platform powered by SASTM

Standalone Clinical Trial Data Sharing Systems

For organizations that do not wish to join a multi-sponsor consortium, ideaPoint can also support individual organizations data sharing and transparency programs.

  • Adapt to any clients' SOP's for responsible data sharing

  • Communicate directly with Researchers via a client-branded Portal detailing the data-sharing program

  • Capture all necessary data and supporting documents to reduce unnecessary back-and-forth between parties

  • Review, track, manage and report requests using a collaborative tool

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