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AQX 11: Anaqua’s AI-Powered IP Management Platform Delivers Operational and Strategic Advantages

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The new release of AQX® 11 further enhances the efficiency of IP professionals with many new capabilities including auto-processing of documents from the world’s top patent and trademark offices, AI capabilities to streamline patent review and classification processes, attorney productivity tools, and the ability to strengthen innovation throughout the IP lifecycle.


Anaqua, the leading provider of innovation and intellectual property (IP) management technology, announces the latest release of its IP management platform for corporations and law firms. AQX is the IP platform that enables you to achieve excellence in IP operations and strategic IP management.


Discover some of the key updates and customer-driven enhancements in AQX - Anaqua's fully integrated IP platform - that make the management of intellectual property more automated and efficient. The newest capabilities in AQX are designed to empower your team to:

Transform Your Operation Team's Workload with Document Auto-Processing

  • Document Auto-Processing: New AI-driven document handling capabilities on AQX redefine the work of IP data entry and handling for your organization – eliminating hours of repetitive work each day, helping your team meet deadlines more easily, and delivering greater accuracy.  

Leverage AI for Increased Productivity and Strategic Planning

  • AI Patent Auto-Classifier™: Using a hosted Large Language Model (LLM) automatically map internal and external patents to your company’s proprietary classification framework.
  • AI Patent Summaries™: Anaqua’s new generative AI-powered capability, AI Patent Summaries™, is now available in AQX to provide users with a consistent, high-quality review of any published patent. Reduce hours of time spent on patent research.

Make Informed IP Decisions Faster Using Attorney Productivity Tools

  • Attorney Productivity Tools: New productivity tools give patent attorneys easy access to the data needed to make IP decisions at each stage of the patent lifecycle. Bring to the forefront the most important data in your patent portfolio, along with all the documents and analytics to support strategic decisions.

Manage Domain Names Alongside IP Assets and Products

  • Domain Name Management: The new Domain Name Management capability on the AQX platform gives IP teams a centralized place to track and manage this information related to your IP assets and products.

Additional Ways AQX Saves Time for IP Teams:

  • Intuitive User Experience: Simplify daily IP management tasks by working in a unified, cohesive IP management platform where everything you need is at your fingertips. The fresh, modern look and feel makes it intuitive to navigate and easy to access information.
  • Innovation Management: Gain visibility into your innovation pipeline with a virtual hub that can spark engagement and creativity. 
  • Reporting: Surface information faster for better decision-making with the powerful reporting features in AQX 11 including FIND & Search, interactive HyperView™ dashboards, and access to over 100 new SSRS reports.

For more background on this release and the updates, we sat down with Vincent Brault, SVP of Product & Innovation, and Jasmine Cruz, Director of Product Solutions at Anaqua.

AQX: Operational Efficiency and Strategic IP Management

Vincent: AQX goes beyond any other IP management software on the market today. It is a next-generation IP management platform that responds to the needs of operations teams and creates business opportunities through IP portfolio visibility. The new release of AQX helps automate repetitive operational tasks and facilitates decision-making by bringing IP data and analytics to the forefront so the IP team can focus more on creating strategic IP value.


Seamless integration for all your IP management applications is another key feature of AQX 11, providing a harmonious, unified and efficient platform environment.  Anaqua leverages our proprietary technology to efficiently connect the platform to the tools you use every day.

Evolving IP Operations: Document-Auto Processing

Vincent: IP Operations is typically known for handling the administrative tasks of IP management and keeping an organization’s data secure and protected. Anaqua’s clients manage millions of patents and trademarks, each with numerous data points. As a result, Anaqua manages hundreds of millions of data points in AQX annually.

Anaqua’s clients have tasked us with creating the leanest, most automated, accurate, and cost-effective IP operations platform for them.

Anaqua accomplishes this by leveraging a best-in-class law engine for workflow automation. This law engine powers the entire platform, managing the IP lifecycle end-to-end.


Another way Anaqua has achieved this is by incorporating Microsoft Azure® AI Document Intelligence into Anaqua’s Document Auto-Processing solution. This creates new automation opportunities for IP teams. The role of AI in enhancing automation is an exciting frontier in IP operations and will continue to transform how we efficiently manage intellectual property.

Revolutionizing Attorney Workspaces

Vincent: Attorneys face the challenge of managing multiple, siloed software tools and applications. On average, an attorney juggles their work between 8 to 10 different applications. These applications range from email and document management to patent analysis.


Anaqua has created a unified attorney workspace that integrates all relevant data and tools. Our solution simplifies decision making by providing a single platform environment. Attorneys gain control over their data and how they use it to make decisions. Integrated services enable seamless action on decisions, from patents to foreign filings.

Maximizing Business Value with IP Strategy

Vincent: Intellectual property has become a critical business function. Managing a family of patents can cost approximately $250,000 over its lifetime. The value of IP assets is directly linked to the business value they generate. Companies are increasingly requiring IP teams to demonstrate and quantify the business value of their IP portfolio.


IP strategy can drive innovation, licensing, standards, and monetization efforts. There's a direct correlation between IP assets and revenue generation. Freedom to operate and brand protection are also vital for maintaining competitive advantage. As a result, strategic IP management is key to maintaining a competitive edge in specific markets.

Reporting and Decision-Making Tools for IP Teams

Jasmine: IP teams are looking for better reporting, more visibility and insight into their IP portfolio, and decision support tools to help IP teams at every stage of the IP lifecycle.

This release takes all the powerful core capabilities of AQX to the next level. AQX is an end-to-end IP management platform. The dashboard view in AQX Home gives you a 500-foot view of everything that's going on in your portfolio and IP assets. You can segment critical information at each stage of the IP lifecycle, get IP cost visibility, and better understand the competitive landscape of your different customers or industries.

Fig. 1: View your IP portfolio activity, budget, tasks and more in AQX Home
Fig. 1: View your IP portfolio activity, budget, tasks and more in AQX Home

Most IP software systems don't allow you to manage the entire IP lifecycle. AQX customers can visualize their data in multiple ways and make strategic decisions at each stage of the IP lifecycle with data presented in AI Patent Summaries, Patent Analytics Report, Prosecution Analysis Report, Foreign Filing Report, and the Annuity Decision Report™.


This critical information gives you more control over the management of your IP portfolio and helps you steer innovation, determine which patents and trademarks to protect, and stay ahead of the competition.

Client Collaboration Delivers an Integrated IP Management Platform

Jasmine: The power of the AQX platform is that it’s integrated. And because it’s integrated, it makes life easier for IP professionals. Everything you need to manage your IP is available in one ecosystem. You can track your innovation filing trends see how many inventions you filed year-over-year, auto-process incoming documents from PTO offices, manage your upcoming annuities, get quick cost estimates for foreign filing cases, and determine which high-value IP assets to monetize or license.


In AQX, you are also able to manage your portfolio from the product level and track all the IP assets that make up your product, from patents, designs, licenses to domain names. The Product – IP management functionality in AQX enables you to track revenue associated with the product to get a full understanding of the value of your product. You can do all these activities and more in AQX!


AQX reflects our ongoing collaboration and partnership with our customers, and all the features I’ve mentioned have been developed with extensive client input every step of the way.  This is one of Anaqua's most exciting releases to date of AQX with a fresh look and feel of the platform. This really embodies our client’s vision of IP management that is streamlined, efficient, and collaborative for all IP stakeholders.

Take Your IP Management to New Heights with AQX 11

AQX 11 is a pivotal release in that it not only builds on the core platform, but also increases the efficiency of IP operations, delivers innovative attorney workspaces, and provides decision-making tools that enable IP teams to align IP strategy with business goals. The future of business depends on the ability of organizations to integrate IP strategy with overall business objectives. AQX is the industry-leading IP management platform trusted by corporations and law firms around the world to drive business results.